March 31, 2011

For Healthier Air in Your Home

Have you realized the importance of installing an air purifier that uses high quality Air Filters at your home? To give your family healthy living, you must concern to arrange a healthy home. One of the important elements of a healthy home is the presence of clean indoor air for your family every day.

Dangerous pollutants can be also found in the indoor air at your home. You must guard yourself and your family from indoor air contamination; since it can cause various issues, such as allergy symptoms, respiratory health problems, dirty air and unpleasant smells. That’s why you should install the right air purifier and Air Purifier Filters that most suits your requirements. It can become the best solution in getting daily clean and healthy indoor air.

It’s not only contaminated air, dry air in your home can also become the reason of diverse problems such as nose bleeding, skin allergies, dry skin and cracked wooden furniture. A humidifier that uses good quality Humidifier Filters will give you a great help in maximizing the humidity level of indoor air. The air will be less dry and more comfortable.

Using the best quality filters will make you sure to get the best function of the air purifier and humidifier. Since your most concern is your family’s health; don’t forget to change the filters frequently. The regular filters replacements will maintain the healthy air in your home.

March 28, 2011

Sempur Field at Night

If you visit Sempur Field in my city (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) at night, you won’t find empty field anymore. There are several food stalls that offer various food and drink to you. If the night is a bright one, you can eat while sitting on a plaited mat- inside the field.

Do you like to hang out in an open area and enjoy the night wind? You can try this place. When I captured this photo, the rain has just stopped. That’s why I can’t share a photo that shows people sitting on the field at that time. MellowYellowBadge

March 27, 2011

Getting Benefits of Plantronics Headsets

Nowadays, many people use headset equipments as their hands-free calling gadget. Have you ever heard of Plantronics headsets? Whether you use Plantronics Voicetubes or a noise canceling microphone; the headset can convey greater sound quality with style and comfort.
Headset equipments also give you health advantage by lessening neck pain that can occur if you often bend to rest the phone receiver on your shoulder. To get the most function of your Plantronics headset, apply also Plantronics Earbuds. Enjoy your stylishness, flexibility, best sound and comfort!

March 18, 2011

Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings for You

To make their love relationship tighter, most people still desire to give Diamond Engagement Ring to their loved ones. Diamond is a perfect symbol of eternity, that’s why diamond engagement rings always represent forever love. Giving a diamond engagement ring to a woman means that the man wants to bring the relationship with the woman into the higher and more serious step.

Since engagement is one of valuable moments and buying a diamond ring itself is one of important decisions in your life; you must make sure that you getting the perfect engagement ring in the perfect place. The much recommended online store to find high quality diamond engagement rings is Mad About Diamonds.

Buying diamond rings at Mad About Diamonds, you’ll surely get some special benefits. They provide wide selection of high quality diamonds jewelry. If you search for diamond engagement rings; the option for you is huge. They offer various styles of rings and diamond shapes. All jewelry items are crafted beautifully from finest materials and all diamonds are certified by the world’s top three grading labs (GIA, HRD and IGI).

Perhaps you have guessed how high the budget that you should spend to obtain your personal and perfect diamond engagement rings at Mad About Diamonds. Well, let me share here another great benefit: you can get the diamond rings in best prices; the rings’ prices are up to 60% cheaper than the ring’s prices at high street jewelry stores. Considering the amazing benefits that you’ll get, don’t hesitate to visit Mad About Diamonds; every time you are in quest of high quality diamond jewelry!

Getting the Best Dissertation Help

For getting an academic degree with high grade; you must submit an excellent dissertation. Almost every student faces difficulties in dissertation writing. Accomplishing an A+ dissertation is really not a simple job. Developing a dissertation involves many times and efforts, hard process and research, and broad knowledge on the chosen subject. If you must write a dissertation and until now you still don’t know how to make a good dissertation; you really require dissertation help.

Dissertation writing is a very significant step in college learning process. Your academic qualification and upcoming career chances rely on how good is your dissertation achievement. So, as mentioned before, finishing a high quality dissertation is really much needed!

At present time, there are already some custom writing service companies that offer
dissertation service online. Why don’t you apply for their service to help you to get an excellent dissertation? For you who can’t handle your writing problems and research hassles; getting help from professional writers can be your best solution.

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The experts of their writer team will give you best assistance from the beginning of writing process of any writing project, whether you order for
research proposal or dissertation help.

The good dissertation service like will be able to support you in any step: research, literature review, data collection, statistics and data analysis, proof reading and editing, custom dissertation writing, results presentation and discussion. They also ensure you that every writing result is guaranteed 100% free of plagiarism, arranged to suit academic standards and sent on required time.

It’s not only about completing your dissertation, but the further issue is getting academic degree successfully. Applying the right dissertation service such as will give you an opportunity for reaching better future academic and career achievement. Visit the website to get more information and find out any benefit that you’ll get if you use their service!

March 15, 2011

Perfect Wedding Bands for You

Why people are buying Engagement Rings for their loved ones? If you have met a special person that you believe as your soul mate, you’ll crave to present her an engagement ring to tighten your wonderful relationship. Since diamond is everlastingly, most people still love to give a diamond engagement ring that represents their forever love to their loved ones.

Looking for an engagement ring to your loved one could be so demanding because you wish for presenting her the ideal moment with the perfect engagement ring; and you don’t want to choose the improper ring. You should identify first her fondness and her styles of jewelry. It usually relates to her personality and character.
After a successful engagement moment, let’s say that now you start to look for the perfect Wedding Bands for both of you. Choosing wedding bands is still important for your wedding day; but it won’t be as complicated as finding the right engagement ring.

Your wedding bands depend on your engagement ring. Choosing a man’s wedding band is not hard since he has no other ring that has to match. But it requires more consideration to detail in choosing a women’s wedding band; as she already has the engagement ring that must be matched. It’s better to select the same metals and the diamond’s quality in the wedding band doesn’t lower from the diamond in the engagement ring.

The right place for you to find your perfect wedding bands is You should check out their 2011 wedding bands collection. You’ll get your personal wedding bands as you can customize the width, thickness, metal and color. At, you’ll see wide collection in finest quality, such as Plain Wedding Bands, Hand Made Wedding Bands, Designer Wedding Bands, Fancy Wedding Bands, and Religious Wedding Bands. Each ring is provided with gram weight; it will help you in choosing the right ring.

When it comes times to celebrate your wedding anniversary, don’t forget to give her a beautiful anniversary ring. Visit to order and create Anniversary Rings! There’s no doubt, if you are in quest for finest quality rings, is the best option for you.

March 14, 2011

One Male Ring

Sorry for sharing a blurry photo. Actually, it’s my husband’s one and only yellow gold ring. He already has it before we got married. I’m glad he chose this ring since I love the ring design. For your information, they aren’t diamonds, hehehe.


For Your Excellent Essay and Dissertation

There’s no one says that writing essays is a simple thing to do. It’s really a kind of job that needs adequate knowledge and capability, especially if you want to reach A+ grade. Are you a college student? If you want to graduate successfully, you must be able to finish all written assignment that given by your lectures.

Why writing essay has become the integral component of learning process in colleges? For your information, an essay is a short prose formation that is created to convey the writer’s opinion and judgment. An essay may seem critical, argumentative or description; but the most significant part in an essay is the writer’s point of views. If you write an essay, make sure that you have combined properly all thoughts, points and data. Your essay will be easy to understand and enjoy reading!

Do you always face troubles in writing an essay? Is it difficult for you to write down your judgment and thoughts? If the answer is yes, you really need an
essay help. At present time, there are already several custom writing services available online. It can give you best support. Choose a reliable company that gives you best offer, in this case, can be the right option for you.

At, you can find the free sample essays. The essays are well written and it has quality content. Studying and understanding these sample essays can help you to learn more about how the exceptional essay appears. It can be a good start before you developing your own essay.

If you need aid in every step of essay writing, can give you totally assistance. Their team consists of professional writers with high experiences and education. They will help you from creating an essay plan and developing an essay introduction. Isn’t it a great help?

Let’s say that you must finish a
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Every work that is made by the writers at will have high rank of quality control. To discover more about how to obtain their entire support, don’t be uncertain to contact them and visit the website. With the best aid of, reaching an A+ essay and dissertation is not impossible anymore.

March 11, 2011

For Your Neat and Beautiful Hair

Who doesn’t want to have neat and beautiful hair? To create beautiful hair, there are some ways that you can do by yourself at home, such as daily hair washing, applying hair oil and combing properly with the right Hair Combs. The lack of washing and combing will make your hair looks dirty, smelly and tangled.

How often do you comb your hair? Most people comb hairs regularly every day to maintain their hair tidy and looking fine. You can use
Hair Brushes on your long hair or combs; if you have shorter hair. Although my hair is short, I prefer to use hair brush, since mine is curly and thick.

There are several kinds of hair brushes. A flat brush is usually used for detangling hair. It’s the kind of brush that you should use every time you getting up from your sleep or showering. You use a round hair brush to style and curl your hair; with the added help of Hair Blow Dryers. To uncurl hair and flatten long hair, you need a paddle hair brush. For your information, you can also apply a hair brush to get other benefits, such as taking out loose hairs and rising circulation to your scalp. If needed, you can take the right supplement and nutrition for having healthy scalp and hair.

March 09, 2011

Best Wholesale Vending Supplies Distributor

Where can you usually see Vending machines? A vending machine is a common sight in any public space, such as a mall, train station, bus terminal, an airport, and other places. Vending machines can be used for various things inside. Perhaps you’ve often seen vending machines for snacks, soft drinks, toys, gumballs, bulk candy and many more.

It’s not only for commercial purpose; you can also get the machine to be placed at your home or office. If you’re looking for such a machine, you must visit, the first wholesale vending supplies online store. They provide various vending machines including
Gumballs machines and also large selection items to fill the machines, such as bouncy balls, flat vending stickers, bulk candy, and toy capsules.
Are you a store owner? You can attract more customers by placing a gumball machine inside your store. Most people, adult and kids, love playing and using gumballs machines. If you fill in the gumball machine with Bulk candy, you’ll give and serve your customers with sweetness and enjoyment.
You can get bulk candy for your gumball machine at, all are offered at wholesale prices. Your option is huge! What kind of candy that you want? You’ll find it; since they have large stock of freshest and tastiest packaged candy, wrapped candy, gummy candy, lollipops, jawbreakers, hot tamales and lots of more.

Go visit the online store and get all benefits that they offer. Huge collection, wholesale prices, best service, no sales tax and a 30 day guarantee are some of their offers. Isn’t it great?

For Popcorn Lovers

One of family bonding activities is watching movies together. What is your favorite snack while watching movies at home and holding any other family gathering? If you and your family are popcorn lovers, you’ll love reading this post.

Have you ever considered having your own
popcorn machine? If you often make lots of popcorn for your family snack; this machine will make your job much easier, moreover, if you plan to hold a big family or social event. To make delicious popcorn for many people, you’ll face troubles in you only make it with your microwave.

The right place for you to get various things that relate to popcorn is They provide wide selection of commercial and home popcorn machine poppers, antique style popcorn machine carts and various popcorn supplies. At, you’ll get any kind of you’re looking for, as long as it still relates to popcorn!
Have you ever tried’s gourmet popcorn? You should try their tasty flavors. Gourmet popcorn is offered in more than 20 flavors; all at best quality and flavors. They only use highest quality of ingredients, so, you can imagine how yummy their gourmet popcorn is. How about the idea of giving popcorn as a gift? If you’re interested, you can buy their gourmet popcorn tins and send it to your relative, friend, family or other people that you care about.

March 07, 2011

Wooden Bracelet

I love wearing bracelets. If you ask me what my jewelry preference is; I prefer to have ethnic kinds. My husband like it as well since he doesn’t need to buy me expensive and fine jewelry items, hahaha. One of my favorite bracelets is this wooden bracelet. It has simple but unique and interesting design.

Happy Monday every one…have a great week ahead…


March 05, 2011

Best Quality Essay Help

If you are a college student, have you ever noticed that there is an increasing demand of students who require essay help recently? During your college days, the lecturers will ask you to submit many academic writing assignments. You can’t avoid from finishing your written assignments, since doing tasks has been your responsibility as a student. Moreover, it will also determine your grade!

One kind of written assignment that you have to submit is essay. In fact, writing essays has already become an important part of the college education process. As mentioned above, you’ll get high mark on a certain subject, only if you are able to write essays on the subject with good quality.

When it comes to writing
essays, you may experience some difficulties. Let’s say that you must submit several essays in a limited time. It can make you feel stress and exhausted, right? It will be very tough for you to finish all essays right on time! Another pressure, to have good grade and pass the subject, you should develop good content essays.

Unfortunately, developing a good quality essay is not an easy job. There are some steps that you should do. Every step needs your writing capability, adequate comprehension on the topic and critical thinking. First, you have to select a definite topic that you want to write more.

After choosing one essay topic, you should convey your observation and judgment on the topic. Then you unite the whole opinion, statements and facts in correct, logical and proficient method. If you want your essay is the one that is enjoy reading and easy to comprehend, make sure that you already have the capabilities to do all steps well.

The problem in writing essays occurs if it turns out that you don’t have well enough writing ability. The lack of writing skill will lead you to the trouble on expressing your own thoughts clearly and systematically. If you aren’t able to handle your writing problem; it’s the right time for you to get essay custom writing assist!

Lots of students in UK recommend you to apply custom
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Since their priority is your satisfaction; you’ll always get the best result for every writing order. Every paper will be unique and excellent since every essay written by their writer will be marked by a University lecturer. It’s a great quality control, right? I think it’s the best offer that you can get from a writing service company!

March 03, 2011

Getting High Quality Silver Jewellery without Delivery Cost

Most people, especially women, love wearing accessories to beautify their performance. Until now, jewellery is always becoming women’s favorite accessories. Most women believe that wearing proper jewellery can make they look elegant and stylish.

On the contrary, wearing too much jewellery on your body will reduce your gracefulness; you will look like a walking jewellery store. It’s better for you to apply these rules:”earring and bracelet” or “necklace and ring”. If you have worn Silver Bracelets and earrings, don’t make it too much by also wearing necklace and other items. Simplicity is still the best, right?

Have you ever heard fashion jewellery and fine jewellery terms? I prefer to have and use fashion to fine jewellery, since fashion jewellery is more usable. You can only wear fine jewelry in formal occasions such as wedding ceremonies. Perhaps now you’re wondering if you should have together fashion and fine jewellery. Fortunately, you shouldn’t buy both. You can only buy Silver Jewellery, since silver jewellery is equally fashion and fine jewellery.

Silver jewellery is a kind of jewellery that will match with any outfit you put on and look fine on every event that you attend. If you are already interested in buying silver jewellery online, make sure to buy it at a reliable place such as, my favorite online silver jewellery store. provides you with wide option of unique and high quality silver items collection. You won’t find their lovely collection at other stores or retailers! I love to browse the online store, it’s very user friendly. You can easily find any item that you’re looking for, as they offer all collection into categories, such as
Silver Bangles, silver bracelets, silver charms, silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver pendants and silver rings.

Not only their unique and amazing silver jewellery collection; you’ll be interested in their free shipping (UK and International delivery) and 14-day money back guarantee offers. Visit the website to get more information and search for your desired silver jewellery. Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift to your loved one, can be the best place for you to shop silver jewellery online!