October 27, 2012

How to Lose Weight in Your Thighs: Points to Ponder Upon

Are you sick and tired of buying apparels, which hide your legs? Are those saddlebags in your thighs compelling you to cover them up with long flowing dresses or trousers? If you are disillusioned about your thunder thighs and determined to get them in shape, you do not need to go to the extent of undergoing a fad diet regime or relinquish all your desires forever. Of course this does not mean you can go binging on sugary stuffs which will only add up to those layers of fat on your thighs. In fact, thighs are one of the places in your body which tends to accumulate fat faster and takes up time to reduce. So how to lose weight in your thighs, a few tips are given below:

Importance of Diet in Losing the Weight of Your Thighs
As with losing weight in any other portion of your body, any attempt at curbing the extra layers of fat in your thighs will remain incomplete without paying attention to what you eat. It is not about eating less or skipping meals and then suddenly binging on sugary stuffs to attend to your hunger calls. It is all about having a balanced diet and doing away with foodstuffs which are loaded with saturated or Trans fat. Avoid taking processed carbohydrates like sugary beverages and sodas, fried stuffs, pastas, pizzas and all those yummy, delicious chocolate mousse and desserts which appear so tempting. Tingling your taste buds with such treats occasionally will not pose an issue but you need to pay attention that you are not incorporating them in your daily diet. Supplement the carbohydrates with sufficient protein intake as well as fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure you are having a bit of everything.

Check Your Calories
If your friend told you to work only on your thighs to get rid of the flabby portions in there, you just need to correct her. For, although there are exercises that target specific portions of your body, the fact remains that in order to lose weight in any part you require losing weight on the whole. Therefore, checking out your calorie intake is extremely important as you need to ensure that you are not consuming more than you are burning out. Studies say that you require burning 500 to 1000 calories a day for a weight loss of about 1 pound a week. And what better way to burn off the additional calories than going walking or jogging down the green tracks?

Club it Up with the Right Exercises
Finally, diet and exercise go hand in hand. Therefore, combine your diet with cardio as well as strength training, squats, lunges, leg raises and the likes to achieve the thighs you have been hankering after.

October 23, 2012

Why Name Necklaces Make Great Gifts

If you’re talking about jewellery, then the necklace is something that you are bound to spend most time on. Adorning the necks of women (and men) since time immemorial, this little piece of jewellery has certainly come a long way. In the early ages, it was just a few stones or shells strung together but nowadays there is a plethora of styles that keep coming and going out of fashion. Necklaces have been part of a women’s wardrobe since a long time and it doesn’t look like changing anytime soon.

A name necklace is something that has grown increasingly popular with time. Here’s why:

  • When you give someone a necklace with their name engraved on it, you are giving him/her a personalised item. This is a great way of increasing intimacy between couples or even with friends. With family members too it is a great way of showing you care and a name necklace will look better with time.
  • A name necklace is a wonderful gift item that you could never go wrong with. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a surprise gift, this is something that people will cherish forever. The good thing about a name necklace is that it can be worn on a variety of occasions and you don’t have to worry about it not blending in with the rest of your outfit.
  • Like all other jewelry items, even a necklace can change the way you look on any given day. Most of the time a name necklace becomes a precious possession for the wearer and he/she would love to flaunt it.

When it comes to necklaces, you have a wide variety to pick from. This is not always a good thing as you will find it hard to select one from so many out there. That’s why a name necklace is a good option. Not only are you getting the person a great gift, you are also personalising it so that he/she can cherish it for a long time to come. So if you’re having trouble picking a gift for your near and dear ones, choose a name necklace.

October 21, 2012

How to Make Pandora Necklaces on Your Own

Pandora necklaces in silver, gold and leather strings are one of the latest additions to Pandora’s treasure trove of jewelry. What’s more, necklaces from Pandora are easy to make and by taking help of the following instructions, you can create a different necklace every time.

Choice of String- Pandora charm necklaces can be made from three scintillating string options such as sterling silver, 24 Carat gold strings and leather ones. Silver strings are also available in oxidized styles and you can grab any of these according to your tastes.

Choose the Clasp Style- Your necklace will surely need a clasp to fasten the beads into one string. Therefore, the next step entails picking out on any of the two clasp styles that Pandora offers, namely, Lobster clasp and the Locking clasp. The clasps are easy to maneuver with the special lock openers taking care of your fingernails while opening and closing them. In closed form, the clasps look like a charm, thus accentuating the appearance of the necklace.

Finding the Right Size- You need to check for the apt size so that the necklace is neither too long hanging down nor too short to choke you. In general, these necklaces stretch a bit due to the weight of the beads.

Choose Your Beads- Choosing Pandora beads can be exciting what with an assortment of these waiting there to sweep you off your feet. From birthstones and occasions to emotions and special moments, you have a lot of options to experiment with. Whether you are gifting a love necklace to your spouse with beads telling your story of love or making one for your little princess narrating the story of her birth along with other aspects of her personality, the beads give you a whole lot of opportunities to don your creative hat.

Select the Safety Chains and Clips- These are essential components too as both of them act as support for your necklace. The clips are attached to the separate threaded sections of the necklace, thereby ensuring that the beads do not come together and spoil the look of the jewelry. The Safety Chains can be fastened on both ends of the necklace by twisting the beaded parts.

Assembling the Charms- Once all selections are over, assemble the charms by twisting them on the necklace string. If you wish to add more to the existing ones, simply untwisting them will enable you to insert more beads.

Finally, tie the standard knot by folding the string and inserting both ends of the necklace through the folded part to form a loop. Make another loop by folding the ends once again and draw them via the loop to tighten. Your Pandora necklaces are ready to be worn.

October 07, 2012

Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

The rich can spend huge money to buy engagement rings. Not only to impress their loved ones, but also to convey their status.  From time to time, you may notice some of the world’s most expensive engagement rings, created with some of the precious gemstones. Are you interested to see? Here are top three of them:

1.Beyonce’s engagement ring : $5 million price
Jay Z presented her a 20 carat diamond ring on the engagement.

2.Paris Hilton’s engagement ring: $4.7 million   

3.Melania Knauss’s engagement ring: $3 million