June 25, 2012

Elegant Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are very popular kind of earrings. Similar with chandelier lamps, it’s a kind of long ornament that often elaborates any type earring hang from an earring base –stud, hook or clip earring. Chandelier earrings may have several levels of embellishment; the length is also various in styles. You can find a very short one, a much longer and a lengthen one that almost reach your shoulder.Though they can be very long, it won’t harm your piercing hole they are created to be very light in weight.
Sterling silver and gold are the most ordinary matters used to make the stand and the chain of chandelier earrings. This kind of earrings can be inexpensive but it can be also very pricey, if it’s created from high quality materials and gemstones. The chandelier part can be beautified in different ways.  Diamonds, gemstones, beads, sequins, feathers can be used to create the chandelier part.
Many women love wearing chandelier earrings to attend formal occasions, as they can be very graceful and striking.

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June 11, 2012

A Train Bus

This picture is the right entry for MYM. There were a young woman in yellow t-shirt and a train bus to wander around the zoo.

June 03, 2012

Sparkling yet Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings

Actually, an engagement ring isn’t the most important part in a marriage proposal. I know some couples who get engaged previously and followed by purchasing the engagement ring together; but it not commonly happens.  I notice that there are more men who still crave to surprise their brides-to-be with a ring that they choose by themselves.

For every groom-to-be, buying an engagement ring is an emotional thing to do and probably it will become their first jewelry purchase experience. Though you want to give the perfect ring for her, you shouldn’t over spending. So, the first step is setting up a budget that you can afford.

When it comes to popular engagement rings, diamond rings are still highly chosen, since diamond is always becoming a girl’s most favorite. Over the years, diamonds also a representation of eternity, status and prosperity. Presenting a diamond ring to your loved one is never becoming a wrong gesture as it can convey your affection and commitment beautifully. Every woman who gets the diamond ring will feel how important and loved she is. The brilliant sparkle and high value of diamonds always relate to something that is very valuable, long-lasting and tough. In this case, it’s no wonder that diamond rings are always the perfect gifts!

Getting a high quality diamond engagement ring within your limited budget can give you hard times. Perhaps you’ve known that a sparkling diamond ring can be extremely costly. You should take times to find out where to get the best cut diamonds that you can pay for.  If you’re a Sydney resident, you can start searching the ring at every diamond rings sydney store in your area, but nowadays, fortunately, you’re able to discover the engagement ring comfortably from your home. As long as you choose the dependable online diamond jewelry business to deal with, you may get more advantages!

Focus your search only on diamonds that has been excellently cut; it will assure you that you’ll get best sparkly diamonds.  If your choice is cushion cut diamonds 1,4 carat diamonds, there’s no need to look for it at expensive brands; as you’ll pay more for supporting their high advertising costs.  

Cushion cut or pillow cut diamonds appear like a four-sided figure with rounded corners and have wider facets to enhance their fiery appearance. Another thing that you should consider -whatever diamond cut that you’ll choose- the diamonds must already have ideal cut grade certificates from AGS.  It signifies that your chosen engagement ring has the greatest shining diamond!