May 31, 2011

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May 30, 2011

Among the Green

This small yellow flower among the grass attracted my attention.

May 26, 2011

To Look Beautiful and Sexy

There’s no doubt, women and shoes is a long life love story. From the Cinderella fairy tale until now; many women can’t stand with buying new shoes. You can see so many shoes out there in many beautiful designs, colors and cuts. Shoes come to you as the pumps, high heels, wedges, ballets, pump toes, boots, and many other more. It’s a big temptation for every woman!

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May 25, 2011

Getting Benefits of Shelf Corporations for Your Improved Business

Between starting a new business from a scratch and buying a Shelf Corporation; which one do you prefer to choose? For you who haven’t heard yet about Shelf Corporations, let me inform you a little bit here. An Aged Corporation or Shelf Corporation is a company that has existed for a period of time but then left without any business activity, liabilities and assets.

This sort of corporation can be offered and sold to a business group or an individual who interested to start a business without experiencing all hassles that relate with building a new corporation process.

At present time, there are already many providers that supply Shelf Corporations for Sale in internet. If you have decided to buy a Shelf Corporation, make sure getting it from the reputable providers such as Shelf-Corporations.html.

Using Shelf Corporations for your own business could become a right and beneficial business strategy if you buy Shelf Corporations with Credit that has existing and recognized corporate credit scores and established correlations with loaners.

Some other advantages of using a Shelf Corporation: you can build relationships with other business partners as an older company, promote your corporate image immediately, make a bid on state contracts, and boost your access to investment capital. Those are some added benefits that you won’t achieve if you begin your business from zero!

May 23, 2011

Want an ATV Ride?

Have you ever ridden an ATV? It looks fun. At the fishing place that we visited last Sunday, there are two rented ATVs. For 15 minutes ride; the fee is Rp 25,000,- (about $3). Perhaps I’ll try it one day, hehehe.

May 21, 2011

For Your Stunning Smile and Better Health

Who doesn’t want having a line of equally-spaced white teeth? It’s not only to look nice; but in fact, there are other causes why it’s significant to have healthy teeth and gums. Tooth and gums problems can have an effect on your appearance and also connect with an increasing risk of systemic diseases like stroke and heart diseases.

There’s no doubt, having a healthy teeth and gum will make you more comfortable smiling and talking with other people. Bad teeth will only lead you to close your mouth often and refuse to smile in public. You’ll appear and feel better if you have healthy mouth. That’s why you should make attempts to keep well your teeth and gums!

If you’re a resident of Beverly Hills, your first step is finding a quality dentist Beverly Hills. It’s very important decision as poor dental treatment will charge you more in hurt, time and cost. Another worse thing, the result of the treatment will make you very disappointed!

To find the right dentist for you and your family, you must know what kind of care you require. For your information, according to American Dental Association, the dental specialists include pediatric dentist (kid dentist), endodontists (root canal specialists), oral and maxillofacial surgeons (tooth extraction and oral surgery), prosthodontists (restorative specialists), periodontists (gum disease treatment specialists) and orthodontist (bite specialist). General dentists are often familiar with cosmetic dentist or family dentistry. It points out that the dentists give cosmetic dental treatment or can care of your whole family members.

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For Tea Drinkers

Perhaps you have already read about tea and health articles. The related information is widely spread anywhere. Many scientific studies have been conducted to study possible medical advantages of daily drinking tea. Are you a tea drinker?

Tea is well known as a health stimulant for different sickness; from arthritis, heart disease, cancer, liver disease, asthma, tooth decay, stress, until weight control. Wow, that’s lot of benefits! You can get all those benefits from your tea intake if you use only the high quality tea. The question is, where can you find the best quality tea?

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May 20, 2011

To Look Gorgeous in Your Wedding Day

Congratulations, your big day will be held in just few months ahead! Are you feeling stress already? There’s no one will blame you, as preparing a wedding ceremony isn’t a simple thing to do. You’ll be hectic with lots of matters that connect with the wedding preparation. You’ll have a long wedding check list!

Of course, you crave to look stunning in your big and important day. That’s why choosing the right wedding dress is very significant for you. Until now, white wedding dresses are still becoming the most popular choice of many would-be brides. White symbolizes purity, so, wearing a white wedding dress can also represent a holy wedding.

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Choose a wedding gown that can flatter your body and it must suit your body shape. If it’s required, they can help you to customize your selected wedding dress. It’s really a great offer, right? In case of you need to make some changes to the wedding dress, you should order the dress earlier, at least one month before your wedding day.

Let’s say that your sister is still looking for a perfect gown for her next prom dress event. It would be better if before buying any gown, she searched first the related information about fashion trends around Prom Dress 2011 that available online. It can become guidance and give her inspiration in selecting the right prom dress.

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May 18, 2011

The culture of jewelry- A prehistoric fashion still fashionable

Just about all archaeological digs in inhabited areas find some sort of jewelry. The earliest known jewelry was seashells, still quite common today in various forms. Rings, pendants, animal teeth, bracelets and beads are found in most settled areas. This was the fashion of the Stone Age and later, and the jewelry of each era tells us a lot about the technology and economics, as well as the fashions of the times.

The Stone Age
The earliest jewelry has been dated back as far as 75,000 years ago, from a cave in Africa where beads were carbon dated. It’s quite possible that the technology is much older, because these beads were themselves obviously the result of an existing style using piercing technology and strings, comparatively difficult technology for truly primitive cultures.

The Bronze Age
The Stone Age gave way to the Bronze Age, about 10,000 years ago. The start of the art of jewelry as we now know it began with working metals. The early Bronze Age developed existing Late Stone Age jewelry technology into recognizable forms quite early. Working metal created the opportunity for much more complex designs, and some truly fascinating ideas. The Bronze Age cultures were technically much more advanced, and they produced jewelry which even now is causing controversy, like the “ring money” recently discovered in the UK, which was worn like a ring.

The Bronze Age was also the start of commerce as we now know it, and it was the beginning of the true trade of jewelry in a mass market. Most Bronze Age cultures are credited with advanced jewelry designs and there was a clear distinction between the ornaments worn by the social elites and the rest of these societies.

The Iron Age
The development of metals technology produced a boom in mining, and much larger quantities of precious metals for the jewelers of the time. Gold in gigantic amounts found its way on to the ancient world markets, to be consumed by jewelers catering to rich clients. Iron Age glitz and glamour was characterized by high value jewelry, and apparently a lot of it, being worn. New forms of metal ornaments, notably brooches and clasps, appeared at this time.

Gemstones and semi precious stones were also more abundant, particularly in the East, and there are reports from ancient historians of the use of turquoise and other stones on a large scale in palaces and elsewhere, indicating that the availability of these materials had drastically increased. Trade was also international, providing range and scope for the spread of new ideas and designs, amplifying the market for jewels around the ancient world.

Jewelry, past, present and future
The modern age, for the last couple of thousand years, has built on these original technologies. Diamond and gem cutting is now a true art form, and gold and other metals form the heart of a truly global jewelry culture. It’s interesting to think that a few seashells could lead to today’s
diamond rings and incredible million dollar necklaces.

Modern jewelry both echoes and evolves the ancient designs. People do learn from history. It’s really a question of what they do with what they learn.

May 15, 2011

Karaoke Singing

Weeks ago, my brother, SIL and my niece came to our house. When we went to a mall to have lunch, my SIL invited me to have fun at a family karaoke in the mall. We spent two hours there. My niece, Aisha, was also singing; but only children songs. She refused to sing 'adult' songs. Nice girl!


May 14, 2011

Perfect Beach Wedding Dresses for You

Ladies, does the idea to have a beach wedding really attract you? A beach wedding sounds very romantic, right? I guess many of you have a dream to hold a wedding ceremony around the beach.

If you have decided to hold a beach wedding, you should start the preparation right away. Since women want to look stunning in her big day, choosing the perfect wedding dress becomes very important. As your wedding ceremony will be located in informal nature, of course; the beach wedding dress is different with traditional wedding dress.

A beach wedding dress is usually more casual and flowing. The perfect wedding dress is the one that can flatter your body shape. The dress must proper with your body type and covers your body beautifully. For your perfect beach wedding dress, you should select the great material. It should be light, flowing and it doesn’t wrinkle. Avoid wedding dresses from thick and heavy materials like velvet or brocade.

Have you seen the amazing collection of beach wedding dresses that offered at Island Importer? Whatever your body size and shape, you’ll get your perfect beach wedding dress! There won’t be any hassle anymore, since Island Importer is the great resource of beach wedding outfits. Happy searching, ladies!

Your Forever Love Symbol

To strengthen your love commitment, you really want to engage her. Of course, you need a perfect engagement ring! Searching for the right engagement rings could become a confusing and tiring job for you. You should do your home work first.

Before buying any ring, you should consider her preference and styles of jewelry and also her personality. You can ask opinions from her sister, mother and best friend; but it would be better if you make the last decision. Since diamond is an ideal symbol of eternity; many couples still prefer to choose diamond engagement rings as their forever love representation.

Your engagement ring option will determine your future wedding bands. So, choosing wedding bands will be easier than choosing engagement rings. But for her wedding band, you still need paying attention to the detail of the ring. Make sure that your wedding bands will suit with her engagement ring that she wears.

If your engagement ring is a diamond ring; you should also get diamond wedding bands. Choose the wedding bands in the same metal and make certain that the diamond’s quality in your wedding bands isn’t lower than diamonds on her engagement ring. Don’t forget to always save and smart in shopping; don’t be overspending. You still need to prepare other important things for your wedding day!

May 12, 2011

Best Place to Buy Your Custom Essay

Are you a student who wants to be successful in your academic achievement? For that kind of students, getting high grade in every field of study is becoming their most concern. During education process, final grades are defined from several academic factors; one of them is the scores of your submitted academic writing assignments. So, in obtaining good final grades, you must ensure that you write all academic tasks with excellent.

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May 11, 2011

Precious stones- Powers and spiritual meanings

Since ancient times, different things have been credited with magical and/or spiritual powers. That’s definitely the case with gems and precious stones. The problem is that the modern versions seem to be pretty self-serving, with various stones credited with powers including healing and astral characteristics, and also including the highly valued jewellery grade stones.

Ancient civilizations and precious stones

In fairness, although the association between stones and spirit seems to be well outside what’s considered “normal” in Western society, in ancient civilizations the opposite was the case. The stones and their unique characteristics were highly prized for their beauty, and it’s hard to argue with the fact that gemstones give a definite impression of being something beyond the ordinary and special.

The ancient and modern interpretations of the powers of stones include “energy fields”, meaning the “frequencies” of different types of stone. Ironically, for societies which knew nothing about advanced chemistry, electricity, or atomic energies, the real chemical characteristics of stones, particularly gemstones, are pretty special. The modern version of the powers of stones was more utilitarian. The original lasers, for example, used rubies to focus the energies of amplified light. The healing powers

The general idea wasn’t entirely wrong, either, in terms of the health aspects of stones, although it was hardly anything like the modern interpretation of healing. Many forms of minerals contained in precious stones are in fact essential to human life, including a large number of common electrolytes. The human body in fact contains most of the Table of Elements, so the basic idea that human health involves minerals in various forms is actually pretty right.

The difference is that the modern view of healing minerals, like calcium, potassium, magnesium and silica are seen as nutrients, not aesthetic healers. Most modern supplements contain a lot of different minerals commonly found in precious stones. A case of the ideas preceding the facts, perhaps.

The spiritual powers

The spiritual values of precious stones are largely a matter of interpretation. Precious stones are considered to relate directly to spiritual matters, confidence, harmonious vibrations and similar characteristics. The play of light, forming rainbows is considered to relate to chakras, or parts of the body related to spiritual and physical health.

The ideas of harmonies and light are truly ancient, and the strong aesthetic values of the precious stones and gemstones are obvious analogies. These colours and plays of light have been major aesthetic concepts in all cultures, so the idea that a feeling of well-being or fascination with the play of light on a diamond aren’t too hard to understand.

The meanings

The meanings of stones are an interesting study in concepts, whether you believe in them or not. Aventurine, for example, is considered to eliminate negative energies. Blue Topaz is said to assist in clarity in communication. Jade is famous in Chinese lore as a “harmonic stone” (quite right, good jade emits a musical note when tapped) and a stone of wisdom.

There are meanings applied to each of the precious stones and gemstones. Diamonds, interestingly, are seen as power stones, able to enhance positive or negative effects. That’s an almost poetic reference to diamond rings, where the wearer may relate to the ring in so many ways. Maybe the metaphysical power of stones isn’t so hard to understand, after all?

May 10, 2011

Getting the Right Wedding Dresses at Affordable Prices

Ladies, are you getting married in the next few months? Congratulations! Soon you’ll be busy with every thing that relates with your wedding preparation. Enjoyment and also stress will accompany your days; from today until your coming big day. Since women want to have best look in her most important day, choosing and buying a wedding dress is becoming one of most significant decisions.

Not only buying your wedding dress, you must also consider of other needed wedding ceremony dresses, such as bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and mother’s dresses. Wow, it can make you a headache if you don’t know the right place to find it. Well, you need to know a reliable online store that offers affordable bridesmaid gown and other needed dresses!

Every would-be bride realizes that a wedding gown can be so expensive. If you don’t smart and careful enough in choosing your wedding dress, you will be over expend. Is it possible to save money in getting the right wedding dress? Is it possible to still look stunning in an affordable wedding gown?

Your questions here will meet the solution if you know the right place to shop. One of the best sources that you should visit is You’ll amaze with their high quality milanoo wedding dress collection that you can get in best prices.

After you find the right place, next step is searching the right gown that you can afford it. Don’t worry; shopping at is very enjoyable and trouble-free. They allow you to discover dresses in your price range. Isn’t it great and helpful?

Now it’s time for you to choose one right affordable wedding dress. The gown will become the perfect gown for you if the gown can flatter your body shape and cover the body areas that you need to hide. As long as the dress is the most appropriate with your body type, you’ll become a beautiful bride.

Whatever your body sizes and shapes, you’ll find your dream wedding dress at and look gorgeous in your big day. Your option is very wide. The key is; you must aware of your body type and then you should know what kind of dress that suits you. Let’s say that you are a woman who has a little extra weight in the middle. The wedding gown with empire or A-line silhouette would be the perfect choice for you. It will help taking the attention upward and covering your middle body. So ladies, now it’s your turn to visit the online store and get your dream wedding gown!

May 09, 2011

A Beautiful Statue

I’ve never shared this statue from this angle. My husband captured it in Swan Lake area (Nusantara Flower Park Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). He said that it’s a Dewi Sri statue, the goddess who protects rice field (based on Indonesia legends).

But he wasn’t really sure as he read the label hurriedly. I try to confirm the statue name by searching it in the flower park’s brochure and website and even in Google; but still no result.


May 02, 2011

Broken Bridge

I don’t know why, but this bridge isn’t yet fixed; while the bridge leads us to a recreation place. We must pass this bridge to reach Mount Pancar hot water baths (Babakan Madang, Sentul, West Java Province, Indonesia).
About two years ago, the big flood have destroyed this bridge. Local people repaired it by only using woods. The vehicle can pass the bridge, one by one.