October 31, 2011

The Back of the Bus

Love the 'painting'. It's really proper for a travel bus. There are Borobodur Temple (Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia) image on the left and Monas Monument (Jakarta, Indonesia) on the right.


October 29, 2011

Best Place to Purchase Authentic Rolex Watches

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October 26, 2011

About Engagement Ring Etiquette (2)

Can a Family Heirloom become an Engagement Ring?
A family heirloom can become your engagement ring, but since the ring is full of tradition and family memories, make sure that other family members have agreed with the decision. Also be sure to make terms for the ring to be returned to the family in the event the relationship does not survive.

On Which Hand the Engagement Ring Should Be Used?
Modern tradition states the engagement ring be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. With jewelers advocating right hand rings without relationship associations, this is the great way to show your engagement as well as follow correct etiquette.

Does the Engagement Ring Should Have a Diamond?
Conventional engagement rings are diamonds, but recent rings can be any gemstone. For a more traditional appear while still applying other stones, consider a central diamond framed with diverse accent gems or vice versa. The most significant thing is to feel comfy with a ring that suits you.

Can You Split the Cost of a Ring?
Tradition states that the man buys the ring. But in recent weddings, however, many couples are already sharing a home and expenses. Some couples also split the cost of the engagement ring. However, men want to consider their fiancée's character before suggesting she donates the ring payment. Some women who think themselves very modern still expect the man to buy the ring. If the woman is a romantic person, it is probable she hopes her fiancé to perform this tradition.

When you choose to divide the ring cost, it can be a good prospect to get near into one another's economic viewpoints. Budgeting and sharing the ring cost gives you the chance to talk about financial preparation long before the marriage.

October 24, 2011

Trash Trucks

When I arranged the prolongation of my mother's grave's permit at the local government funeral office, I saw these big yellow trucks parking in the back yard.


October 18, 2011

Watch Out for the Train!

My late entry for Mellow Yellow this week. This sign reminds you to always becareful before crossing any train railway, especially if there's no guarding around.

MellowYellowBadge .

October 12, 2011

Life’s 5 Diamond Occasions

We’ve all heard it – diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and lucky for us, the saying remains true, and guides our male counterparts for the rest of our lives.

None of us can really say what it is – the sparkle, the value, perhaps just the gesture associated with receiving something so precious, durable and strong, but whatever it is, it works for us, and we want more. Over time, diamonds have become a true symbol of prestige and wealth, and in this way, the perfect gift for a female loved one to convey just how important they are, and also in a traditional sense, to show financial stability.

So what are the main occasions in life that really demand the gift of diamonds?

1. Promise
These days, as young people embark on longer and more committed relationships with each other, the giving of promise rings is becoming more and more common. A promise ring is a ring given from one partner to another that symbolises their commitment to the person and the relationship, conveying that they ‘promise’ themselves to that person, and effectively will save themselves physically for that person. While many promise rings are just precious metals, the inclusion of small diamonds is becoming more popular.

2. Engagement
Diamond engagement rings are a big trend for newly and formally committed couples. While diamonds are giving way somewhat to other precious stones, a
diamond ring is still at the top of most girls’ wish lists. Engagement rings not only symbolise unity, but are also a key bragging right for girls to show off to anyone and everyone.

3. Eternity Ring
maternity wear may be more practical, an eternity ring is commonly given to a woman by her husband or partner to mark the arrival of their first child. Generally featuring a single line of stones around the ring – diamonds are most popular – the ring symbolises continuous, never ending love. Though the tradition of an eternity ring is fast disappearing, giving way to new traditions and less tangible symbols, many still use it to convey their ongoing commitment.

4. Anniversary
Traditionally, the 60th wedding anniversary is classed as the diamond anniversary. Every year of marriage is allocated a symbol, such as paper for the first year, and the 60th is by far the most prestigious. The 60th anniversary gives you the opportunity to give the gift of beautiful set of diamond earrings, or a stunning diamond pendant hanging from a delicate and fine gold chain.

5. The milestone birthday
Fifty can be a tough year for a woman. Ok, 30 was tough, 40 was challenging – 50 can be downright unbearable. On the upside, it can also be your opportunity to get yourself another of those stunning sparkly pieces that you have collected over occasions, your wedding and anniversaries throughout the years. Use your fiftieth as an opportunity to celebrate, kick up your heels – enjoy the diamonds – and make the most of your mature years!

October 10, 2011

4 Ways to Get Married Quietly

A wedding doesn't have to be a big affair. So often, we get so caught up in organising, fighting for what we want, and trying to please everyone, that we almost forget about the people we're actually marrying. Realistically, a wedding should be about you and the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. It is a celebration and declaration of that intention and that promise. It's not about the dress, or the shoes, the roses or the tuxedoes. It's about your union.

So how can you make sure your wedding remains about you and the lucky guy and doesn't become a circus that leaves you exhausted and unhappy?

1. Take it Easy in the Garden
A garden wedding can be exactly that. It doesn't have to be marquees and hired glassware, it can be simple, intimate, small and quiet -- if you let it! Plan your garden wedding around what you and your fiancé want, just the simple, basic pleasures that will make this a special, memorable day, just about the two of you. You won't need to spend crazy amounts of money if you select basic catering and go easy on the flowers (after all if you elect the right garden you can have roses all around you), and really let the simplicity of the setting speak for how much this is just about two people who love each other.

2. Take to the Water
There's something about a beach wedding that is particularly natural and very Aussie -- unless you have three hundred guests, thousands of dollars worth of flowers and tuxedoed waiters offering canapés in the sand. If you want to take advantage of the crashing waves, grey sky and white sand, do it properly. Limit the guest list to the few people that really mean something to you, keep things simple, breezy and airy with a loose summer dress and flowers in your hair, and why not say your vows as the water laps over your toes?

3. Impromptu
So the
engagement ring is huge, the party was spectacular and now you’re weighed down in wedding decisions that are making the occasion toxic. But why? You shouldn't be stressed, pressured and upset about such an amazing day. So don't! A great and sure proof way to keep your wedding quite and about the two of you is to tell everyone else at the last minute! Rather than continuing to plan a day that you're just going to wait to be done with, get married this weekend! Call a celebrant, pick somewhere special to you both -- like where you first kissed or first dated -- and then call those people most special to you. An impromptu wedding is exciting, simple, relaxed... and about you!

4. Vegas
While not exactly quiet, heading to Vegas is the best way you can have a small wedding that makes a splash! Grab your passports and take a trip that will make memories that last a lifetime.


A Gate

A Gate of an alley. Captured in Surabaya city (East Java, Indonesia)

October 08, 2011

Top 6 beach wedding tips

Getting married on the white sands of an island paradise is truly something amazing. Water lapping up against the shore while palm trees sway in the light breeze. But when you’re getting married on the beach there are a few things to consider. So once you have chosen the right wedding package from the selection of Fiji holiday packages available for couples take note of our wedding tips. They could make all the difference to how your special day turns out:

• Choosing the right spot on the beach- Choosing the right spot on the beach can make all the difference to the day’s events and the memories you take away from it. You don’t want you and your partner standing in the hot sun squinting as you say your vows, or an elderly relative to suffer from heat stroke. Make sure that you choose a spot that is part shade, part sun so that guests have a choice of where to stand or sit.

• The time of day- You also need to think about what time of day is the beach at its best. You don’t want to begin your ceremony on dry sand and finish with your feet in water. Visit the beach beforehand at different times of the day together and decide on the best time you think would be ideal to get married in that particular location.

• Booking the location or organising a permit- Many people love to get married and have special events on the beach. It is after all a beautiful place for an important occasion. To avoid arriving to someone else already setting up for another event call the local councillor speak to your wedding planner if you are having an island beach wedding and aren’t sure about booking protocol. Some places will require you to have a permit, while other beaches won’t.

• Contingency plan- Getting married on the beach has its risks. If it begins to rain, what will you do? You either need to have a high quality marquee put up on the beach for the entire bridal party and guests to comfortably fit, or a hall or function room nearby you can use if the rain is too heavy. Fingers crossed you won’t need to resort to the backup plan, but in any case it’s good to have one.

• Easy access for guests- It may be easy for you and your partner to climb down to the water’s edge but what about elderly relatives or family members with physical disabilities? Make sure that you have a path cleared for them to make it easy to access.

• The right sound equipment- Make sure that the celebrant and musicians are bringing the correct sound equipment if necessary. Wind and other sounds can make it particularly hard to hear what the celebrant is saying when getting married outdoors so making sure they have the right sound equipment is vital.

If you follow all of these tips you should ensure that your day is the very best it can be. So all you have to worry about is which of the Fiji cruises you’ll be going on afterwards for your honeymoon!

Getting married on the beach is a wonderful place to celebrate your love for one another. I hope you’ve found our tips helpful in giving you some ideas on how to ensure that your beach wedding is everything you dreamed it would be.

October 07, 2011

About Engagement Ring Etiquette (1)

There are lots of questions around engagement ring etiquette. Here are some:

Do I Require a Ring To Propose?
An engagement ring isn’t the main part in an engagement. Some couples get engaged first and later purchase the ring together so that the girlfriend can choose her own ring.

Other couples get swept away with an unplanned marriage proposal long before a ring is bought. Waiting on a ring is also a fine idea, if a couple wants to save money for an exceptional ring but doesn't want to wait to get engaged.

Should the Man Use an Engagement Ring?
While most men wear only a wedding band, some men also want to use an engagement ring as a symbol of their approaching marriages. Engagement rings for men are vary significantly from women's, but there are many alternatives for style preferences. If the man has decided to wear an engagement ring, be prepare that conservative family members may guess it as the wedding has already happened, and the couple should be ready to clarify their preferences.

Can You Use Again a Ring?
While perfectly each engagement ring would last till death do us part, increasing divorce rates lead this issue into keen spotlight. The choice to reuse a ring is a really individual decision: she may just like the style of ring and see no need for finding another. Alternatively, one or both partners may hope to have a brand new beginning with a new ring unrelated with past relationships. This decision should be a mutual decision, and old rings can always be redesigned or somewhat retune to be renewed with no wide reformations.

/image: theetiquetteshow.com/

October 03, 2011

Taking a Nap

One of my nephew’s favorite sleeping style