October 26, 2011

About Engagement Ring Etiquette (2)

Can a Family Heirloom become an Engagement Ring?
A family heirloom can become your engagement ring, but since the ring is full of tradition and family memories, make sure that other family members have agreed with the decision. Also be sure to make terms for the ring to be returned to the family in the event the relationship does not survive.

On Which Hand the Engagement Ring Should Be Used?
Modern tradition states the engagement ring be worn on the ring finger of the left hand. With jewelers advocating right hand rings without relationship associations, this is the great way to show your engagement as well as follow correct etiquette.

Does the Engagement Ring Should Have a Diamond?
Conventional engagement rings are diamonds, but recent rings can be any gemstone. For a more traditional appear while still applying other stones, consider a central diamond framed with diverse accent gems or vice versa. The most significant thing is to feel comfy with a ring that suits you.

Can You Split the Cost of a Ring?
Tradition states that the man buys the ring. But in recent weddings, however, many couples are already sharing a home and expenses. Some couples also split the cost of the engagement ring. However, men want to consider their fiancée's character before suggesting she donates the ring payment. Some women who think themselves very modern still expect the man to buy the ring. If the woman is a romantic person, it is probable she hopes her fiancé to perform this tradition.

When you choose to divide the ring cost, it can be a good prospect to get near into one another's economic viewpoints. Budgeting and sharing the ring cost gives you the chance to talk about financial preparation long before the marriage.
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