August 29, 2011

Kids Love Balls!

This little girl is my BIL's daughter. Actually there are four kids who were playing with the balls. But since they moved fast, most of my shots are blurry.

Love her cute expression :)

August 24, 2011

Engagement Ring Cuts (2)

In the previous post you’ve seen different cuts like marquise, cushion, emerald, asscher, and princess cuts. Here are another three cuts :

Round Cut

One of the most well-liked cuts for an engagement ring, the round cut is also a traditional diamond shape. A round stone with 58 facets, it has the most twinkle.

Heart Cut

A heart-shaped diamond looks a lot likes its name, so the diamond is in the shape of a literal heart.

Pear Cut

A pear-cut diamond is also similar with its name. An additional bonus to the pear shape is that if you wear it with the point facing away from your body, it makes your finger appear long and slim.

August 22, 2011

Hats for Sale

The street vendor doesn't have a space to dislay. He used the fence to present the hats. It attracted my attention!

August 19, 2011

Engagement Ring Cuts

Before shopping your engagement rings, you need to know about ring cuts and shapes. Here are some popular cuts :

Marquise Cut

The marquise is an egg-shaped with pointed ends.

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut is a cross among a rectangle and an oval; it has a pillow shape, and it is also entitled an "antique cut."

Emerald Cut

An emerald cut (formerly developed for the gem of the same name) is rectangular with cropped corners and long, stair-step-like facets.

Asscher Cut

An asscher is alike an emerald cut, but square, so it appears octagonal (the radiant is a popular variant of these but with facets that offer it even greater sparkle).

Princess Cut

A very admired diamond cut, the princess cut is a sparkling square stone.


August 15, 2011

Middle Eastern Food

Sunday, August 7th, for the first time, we had special dinner at a Middle East themed restaurant. I share here the main course and the dessert that we ordered. It’s my first time to taste this kind of food. All are yummy!

The main course, Briani Rice and Gozi are made from goat meat and rice. They are cooked with specific spices.

The dessert, Muhalabiya is a milk pudding with cinnamon. My husband said it tasted sweet and very soft.


August 14, 2011

Cleaning a Diamond Ring

To keep your diamond ring best look, it needs proper cleaning. Hand lotions, hair styling products and everyday stain can decrease its shine. If you just let your ring without any treatment, those matters can amass into a thick layer of gunk on the back of your diamond. It will block the light – make your diamond look dull.

Here are effective ways to clean diamond rings:

Immerse the ring in a warm solution of mild liquid detergent and water. Ivory dishwashing liquid is a good selection, but you may use any other mild detergent.

Apply a soft brush if required to get rid of dirt.

Sways the ring around in the solution, and then bathe it carefully in warm water. Shut the exhaust first, or put the ring in a filter to keep from losing it!

Dry the diamond ring with a lint-free fabric.

If the diamond and setting requests extra effort, apply a dental Water Pik to move away small bits of stain. You can also use a wooden toothpick to very watchfully push dirt away from the diamond and setting.

Other tips:

Apply softer liquid detergent solution for fracture filled diamonds, because ammonia might in time either darken or eliminate the coating that's been placed on the gemstone.

The method you use to clean jewelry should guard its weakest element. If your ring includes other gems, use a cleaning method that is appropriate for the less sturdy stones.

Chemicals such as chlorine can influence your fine jewelry. Take away your rings or use gloves to keep chlorine away from your rings.


The Right Clothing for Your Outdoor Activities

Summer is the right time for outdoor activities. If the weather isn’t scorching hot, you can do many things. For the thrill-seekers, you may challenge your courage by doing activities such as surfing, bungee jumping, rafting, scuba diving, windsurfing, and many other more.

Beach and water sports are very popular nowadays. There are wide variety of sports and activities available for you and the whole family; some of them have mentioned before. With the improving gears and facilities, these activities are safe for your family.

If you plan to have a dynamic and active holiday around the beach, you should pay attention more to all items that needed for the activity. Wetsuits will proper for diving and snorkeling. This outfit will you give comfortable and easy movement!

Some people prefer surfing to other beach activities. Breaking and being off the waves are very exciting moments for every surfer.

It’s important to use the right cloth and gear while surfing. Recently, there are many online stores that offer you with surf and beach wear collection, from Surf Shorts, board shorts, slippers, sandals, flip flops, caps to sunglasses. Ensure that you use waterproof items; otherwise, your things would be broken once you immerse into the water.

When it comes to surf clothing, it would be ideal if you choose waterproof and lightweight clothing. The right surf shorts are created to suit the beach atmosphere. It comes to you in colorful, bright and durable ones. Made from light weight material, the right surf shorts would dry simply when damp. It’s a kind of wear that must have by every surfer!

If you don’t like outdoor water activities, there are many beach activities you can do, such as skateboarding, jogging and biking around the beach park. When it comes to skateboarding, have you ever noticed that it’s not only the skill, but also the fashion is becoming the important part of this kind of sport? It’s significant for skaters to get the right Skate Clothing, as the clothes that you put on will identify the type of skater you are. It’s interesting, right?

There are three general styles that you can choose: hippy, artsy, punk and hip hop look. Each style needs different clothes. For example, if you prefer artsy look, you can wear tight fitting pants, tight band t-shirts or college shirts, button-down shirts, jackets and beanies.

Whatever kind of sports that you choose, always consider first choosing the right gears and clothes that will give you secure and comfort!

Fastest Way to Solve Your Financial Problem

Many people have ever been in such a situation when they have to cover unexpected costs. It could be caused by medical expenses, car repair, increasing bills and any other urgent needs. Let’s say that you face the similar financial problem. You really need immediate cash, but sadly, you have no savings left and your payday is still in days ahead. Is there a solution for you to get instant cash?

If you have bad credit score and credit issue, you can’t apply for traditional loans. How about getting added fund by requesting payday loans? It is a type of short-time loan-average in two weeks- that provides instant cash until your next payday.

Payday loans could become the right way to solve your financial problem since the loan approval process doesn’t need information that relates to credit issues. It doesn’t need collateral and credit check either. In fact, your job and paycheck is becoming the collateral.

To get best financial support, you should apply a payday loan at a top level payday loan and cash advance provider. It’s much recommended for you to choose Personal Cash Advance, as they offer the best, fastest, most convenient and secure short-term financial solution.

If you meet the minimum requirements (see FAQ section), you can go farther to request for a payday loan online by filling in the form at the official website. As long as you are qualified; you’ll receive fast approval from the loan lender and you can get the fund in the next day. It’s really a big help!

August 08, 2011

Instant Hot and Drink Coffee

I don't know how to call it accurately. Is it called a drink machine? It offers you with 12 options. To get one of drink that you've chosen, you should only pay Rp 5000,-; it's less than US $1.

I saw this drink machine inside a train station in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. I couldn't try it as I was fasting.