September 29, 2011

Places to Go on Your Australian Honeymoon

Getting married is a very special time and an important relationship milestone. It’s a joyous occasion where a couple has the opportunity to express and celebrate their love in the presence of friends and family. Although preparing for wedding celebrations can sometimes be stressful and hectic, choosing a location for the honeymoon doesn’t have to be. To make the most of this sacred and symbolic time with your partner, here are a few ideas for places to honeymoon in Australia depending on what interests you and your partner.

For Those Who Want Culture

There are many places in Australia that provide amazing cultural experiences for people will different types of interests.

- If you are from out-of-town, why not spend your honeymoon in the big city? Sydney is a great city to spend quality time in, and there is always something to do. Choose from the many serviced apartments in Sydney to set up a romantic headquarters from where you and your partner can begin your exploring. Plan an evening at the Sydney Opera House and take in the ballet, opera or orchestra after dining in one of the many 5 star restaurants in the area.

- If you and your partner are interested in Aboriginal culture, then a classic idea is to go to Uluru in the Northern Territory. Stay in a beautiful B&B while you take in a whole new way of life and learn about spirituality and about the original inhabitants of Australia.

For Those Who Want Luxury

If you and your partner want the classic honeymoon - the private island, the white sandy beach, the romantic luxury cabin for two, and people doting on you night and day - then you won’t be disappointed by what you can find in Australia.

- Try the Whitsundays region of Queensland. Here you and your partner will have the idyllic romantic honeymoon with the choice between a remove island where everything is made for two, or a beautiful resort on the mainland where you and your partner can indulge in spa treatments, shopping and fine dining. While you are there, make sure you spend a day snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.

- If you are more interested in experiencing a bit of the high life, you can have a similar honeymoon retreat on the Gold Coast. Stay in one of the many Gold Coast apartments while you check out the casinos, enjoy the night life and do some people-watching that this area is so famous for.

For Those Who Want Adventure

If you and your partner are more the adventurous type, there is no shortage of bushwalking, climbing, skydiving, surfing and opportunities to swim with sharks in Australia.

- If you and your partner are itching to get out into nature, see some interesting wildlife up-close and have a self-propelled wilderness adventure, then you may want to consider The Kimberlies or Kakadu National Park. Here you can hike, bike and paddle your way into the wild or hire a 4 wheel drive to get into the really remote locations.

- If you crave adventure from a more comfortable vantage, then you and your partner may enjoy a holiday on the Ghan. This cross-country railway adventure will take you to the wilds of the Outback while you enjoy 5 star service on-board.

September 26, 2011


A yellow bridge that I saw while passing by a toll road yesterday.

September 22, 2011

Proposals – 3 of the Best!

Recently in the office, standing around the workbench one lazy Friday afternoon having an early weekend wine, the discussion turned from maternity wear and baby showers to some of the weird and wonderful ways that women are proposed to. Centred on the amazing videos of far out proposals on youtube, I quickly realised that proposals are some of those strange things that almost become pitted in legend – if they are good enough.

So what is classed as good enough? Is it the romance, the intricacy of the plan, the level of action or the expense involved? Talking to the girls, I could see that of all the criteria, interestingly, expense seems to be of the least importance. While all ladies love to be able to show off the big diamond engagement ring and in that way may appear to be a bit superficial, it was interesting to note that when it actually came to popping the question, materialism went out the window and was replaced by a type of sentimentalism that is rarely seen in this day and age.

Regardless of the consensus that the proposal was not about the money, but about the delivery, the different opinions and ‘scores’ given by different girls just went to show you better know your lady very well before you get down on one. So boys, while I can’t give you any straightforward advice, any step by steps to the perfect proposal or any pointers that lead to a sure thing, I can give you the top three we came up with.

1. The winner
He clearly knew her inside and out, and treasured every moment they had spent together since day dot. Sending a cab to collect her, she had returned home to find a note on the bed advising that her chariot was awaiting. Speeding off, and in on the plan, the cabby took her to a central shopping area and let her out in front of a stranger who issued her the name of a store. She went to the DVD store and presented at the counter as instructed, to be given a new clue and a copy of the very first movie they ever saw together. With her next clue, she wound up at a bottle shop, picking up a new clue and a bottle of wine they had shared on an early picnic. The next, her favourite gourmet chocolates were the gift and another clue. This continued until she arrived at a picnic blanket in a sunny park, with the main elements that symbolised each year of their life together firmly in hand. Met by her fiancé. She was told he remembered and cherished every year, and wanted to treasure many more as her husband!

2. The non traditionalist
She was sick of waiting, but she knew she’d found the one, so she took action into her own hands. He was a mechanic and keen on the bike he was fixing up in the garage. She went out briefly while he slept in, preparing a beautiful breakfast. He awoke in bed, accompanied by hundreds of rose petals and a small gift box. He opened it to find a shiny new gold spanner. She returned half an hour later...and explained to him that the spanner was not a fancy tool to work on his bike with, as he was doing, but if he looked closely held his engagement ring, and a note asking him to marry her. It didn’t go to plan, but he said yes.

3. The TV winner
Conversation of course shifted to what we knew best – the movies. And what could be more moving than the proposal to Julia Roberts’ character in Stepmum. With a reel of cotton in a gift box, he surprised her, sending a
diamond ring down the thread and perfectly onto her finger as he told her the story of a beautiful analogy about the threads keeping them together.

September 19, 2011

Corn Field

A corn field area that I saw while on the car ride to my husband's home town. It's a pity that I forget where exactly this corn field is.


September 16, 2011

The Best Electrical Goods to give as Wedding Gifts

Electrical goods make great wedding gifts, particularly to a couple who are starting out in their first home together. If you choose electrical goods don't give anything that needs to be installed by an electrician. It can be annoying to be given a gift that you have to spend money on before you can use it. Check that all the instructions are included in the box before you wrap the gift and that there are some electrical services company they can call if there are problems with it.


A microwave makes life so much easier and is a great present for a couple just starting out. If they are both working with busy careers it will be an appliance they will use often. If they come home late they can quickly and easily heat their meals, or reheat food they prepared earlier. A microwave is a great time saving appliance.


If their home doesn't have central heating they may need a heater. An oil or fan heater works well. Buy a good one because you want to be sure that it is safe.


If they enjoy cooking a mixer is a great gift. If you are feeling really generous or have a number of people that want to put in to the gift the Kitchenaid mixers are fantastic, plus they come in an array of gorgeous colours. Getting something that has a variety of functions is a good idea too. There are a whole lot of different brands to suit all budgets.

Washing machine or dryer

A washing machine is a necessity and if they don't already have one you might want to team up with a few other friends and get them the latest model. A dryer isn't something that you need, although it is handy if you need to get things dry quickly when it's too wet or cold to dry them outside on the clothesline. This is, however, another great electrical appliance that would be greatly appreciated by the newly weds.


Having a dishwasher saves so much time. It also helps make your kitchen tidier as you can put the dirty dishes straight in the dishwasher rather than having them sitting on the bench waiting to be washed. They also use less water than you think and there are new models that you can buy that saves the water from the final rinse cycle and then uses it to do the first rinse in the next wash.

Ice cream maker

For a bit of fun you could give the bride and groom an ice cream maker. This is a particularly good gift if they live in a rural area that is a long way out from the nearest town as it would be unlikely they could get ice cream home from the shops without it melting. Making your own ice cream is also a lot of fun as you can come up with your own flavours and you can also make more healthy frozen yoghurt, sorbets and gelato.

Coffee machine

For coffee lovers you can't go past buying them a coffee machine. Include a range of different coffee beans in with the gift.

September 12, 2011

Lovely Teapot

When we're having dinner at a Middle East themed restaurant weeks ago, we ordered milk tea. The drink was served so nice. Very interesting teapot!

September 09, 2011

Comfortable Men’s Underwear

When I was ironing my husband’s underwear yesterday, I noticed that some of them need to be replaced with the new ones. As I’m feeling lazy to go out for shopping, this morning I browsed online by using best men's underwear keyword. It turns out that there’s a wide variety of men’s underwear already available in many online stores. From swimwear, thongs, boxer, silk underwear, to lots of other kinds of men’s underwear; you can get it all at discount prices.

I crave to buy some silk underwear for my husband; as he hasn’t yet had it before. Though he never wears it, I think he’ll like it as the underwear looks so soft and comfy to wear.

When it comes to choosing the right underwear, my husband is a picky one. He always says that the most priority is the underwear should be comfortable to put on. The uncomfortable underwear can be caused by a bad cut and low-grade materials. Otherwise, the comfy ones must fit appropriately and made from flexible, breathable cloth.

I think the best men’s underwear is the underwear that has both comfort and style. It looks good and also enjoyable to wear. The high quality of men’s underwear will give best support; not stretched and also not shapeless. Don’t you agree?

My husband is a briefs guy; how’s about your partner? What’s your partner’s underwear style? It could be briefs, thongs, boxers or other styles. Whatever the style is, the related underwear must fit with the shape of your partner’s body.

How’s about the idea of giving Men's Erotic Underwear as a surprise gift to your partner? It must be fun!

If I have to choose between the comfort and style; I surely prefer the comfort underwear though it looks very modest. For me, underwear is like the second skin and it meets your skin for the whole day. Can you imagine wearing the leather underwear for hours? I wouldn’t try it!

As mentioned before, the material of the men’s underwear is also important to be paid attention as it will determine its comfort. Avoid irritating, rough, sweat-inducing fabrics. When buying new underwear, always run your fingers through it to sense its elasticity and comfort. Besides cotton, you can choose other fabrics like lycra, bamboo, cashmere and high quality polyesters.

The underwear will be comfortable for such a long time if you care it well. Washed them properly and always follow the washing and ironing instruction on the label. Store the underwear in a clean, airy drawer or cupboard. Don’t forget to replace your men’s underwear after six months.

September 06, 2011

Ultraman Girl

Another cute act of Aflah, my BIL’s daughter. She wanted me to take picture of her while wearing an ultraman mask. I can’t bear my laugh!