September 16, 2011

The Best Electrical Goods to give as Wedding Gifts

Electrical goods make great wedding gifts, particularly to a couple who are starting out in their first home together. If you choose electrical goods don't give anything that needs to be installed by an electrician. It can be annoying to be given a gift that you have to spend money on before you can use it. Check that all the instructions are included in the box before you wrap the gift and that there are some electrical services company they can call if there are problems with it.


A microwave makes life so much easier and is a great present for a couple just starting out. If they are both working with busy careers it will be an appliance they will use often. If they come home late they can quickly and easily heat their meals, or reheat food they prepared earlier. A microwave is a great time saving appliance.


If their home doesn't have central heating they may need a heater. An oil or fan heater works well. Buy a good one because you want to be sure that it is safe.


If they enjoy cooking a mixer is a great gift. If you are feeling really generous or have a number of people that want to put in to the gift the Kitchenaid mixers are fantastic, plus they come in an array of gorgeous colours. Getting something that has a variety of functions is a good idea too. There are a whole lot of different brands to suit all budgets.

Washing machine or dryer

A washing machine is a necessity and if they don't already have one you might want to team up with a few other friends and get them the latest model. A dryer isn't something that you need, although it is handy if you need to get things dry quickly when it's too wet or cold to dry them outside on the clothesline. This is, however, another great electrical appliance that would be greatly appreciated by the newly weds.


Having a dishwasher saves so much time. It also helps make your kitchen tidier as you can put the dirty dishes straight in the dishwasher rather than having them sitting on the bench waiting to be washed. They also use less water than you think and there are new models that you can buy that saves the water from the final rinse cycle and then uses it to do the first rinse in the next wash.

Ice cream maker

For a bit of fun you could give the bride and groom an ice cream maker. This is a particularly good gift if they live in a rural area that is a long way out from the nearest town as it would be unlikely they could get ice cream home from the shops without it melting. Making your own ice cream is also a lot of fun as you can come up with your own flavours and you can also make more healthy frozen yoghurt, sorbets and gelato.

Coffee machine

For coffee lovers you can't go past buying them a coffee machine. Include a range of different coffee beans in with the gift.
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