April 27, 2011

Fun with Jewels- Starting Your Jewellery Collection

Whether you’re male or female, everybody has some jewels, rings, and often some family heirlooms, passed down for years. Many younger people have gold chains, etc, and there’s usually a menagerie of different types of personal ornaments by the time people are in their mid-late teens.

These collections often contain echoes of ancient jewellery and customs. Part of the fun of jewellery is that the more you learn, the more fascinating it becomes. Every form of jewellery has its own character and its own artistic forms. Even the simplest earring or ring is a work of art.

The history of jewellery is full of quite incredible stories, and even more incredible fashions. Jewellery is part of the human social psyche, and it’s because the fact is people love jewels, and always have. Since the beginning of recorded history, and even in prehistory, people have worn ornaments of some kind or another.

That’s not “just women”, either. As a matter of fact, historically, men wore a lot of jewellery, (even more than hip hop stars) both as status symbols and badges of rank. Some men even decorated their swords with gems. Even religious icons were quite literally turned into jeweller’s art, and some works were truly extraordinary, unique achievements by any artistic standard.

Women wore jewels for much the same reason, but there was always the element of beauty to be considered, and the female forms of jewellery have always tended to be part of a much more developed aesthetic. Jewels with specific meanings, like diamond rings as wedding rings, have been around for a long time, but these “female” ornamental jewels, including earrings, bracelets, necklaces, have taken on many forms, and they’re the basis of the modern jewels you see today. (Most of these formerly exclusively female types of jewellery have been swiped by male fashions over time, too.)

Starting your jewellery collection

The more you know about jewels, the more fun you have. You can create your own hoard of fabulous things. Gold, in particular, is a good starting point, as are some small diamonds. (Never mind the “jewellery fashionistas”. What doesn’t go with gold and diamonds?) You can create a palette of colors, including emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and platinum.

You’ve now created a spectrum for your jewellery, and you can build on that over time, wearing your favorites. There’s no hurry. Buy the things you love, and your jewels will always be your treasures.

Wearing your collection
There’s always some sort of controversy about how to wear jewels and what to wear.

The rules of wearing jewellery are actually quite straightforward:
-Small pieces of jewellery, particularly the well made, well-designed high craftsmanship pieces, outclass expensive, garish garbage.
-If you’re a guy, you wear gold in the forms of good quality rings, chains, etc., or you just don’t wear gold.
-If a piece looks loud and trashy, it is loud and trashy.
-Most important: If you really love something, it’s worthy of being in your collection.

Your jewels are something you can always enjoy. Start collecting, and have fun.

April 26, 2011

Choosing the Right Perfume

Have you had the right perfume that has a perfect scent for you? Every adult people should have at least one stimulating perfume for their daily use. Perhaps you’ve already known that using the right perfume can convey not only a lovely scent to your body, but also reveal your personal character.

Some people wear perfume to be a focus for other people, especially from the opposite sex. Whatever the reason is, choosing the right perfume isn’t an easy thing to do. Though you’ve bought one of quality Levata Perfumes Importados, it doesn’t mean that the perfume will be great on you.

Before you’re buying any perfume, you must realize first that each of you has different body chemistry. That’s why the same perfume can smell great on other person, but it smells bad on your body. Let’s say that you really want to have marina de bourbon perfume. This perfume smells so lovely and fresh in its elegant bottle, but does it work for you?

To avoid any disappointment, you should consider several things when buying a perfume. There is wide variety of scents, such as fruity, woody, floral, musk and other more scents. You should only focus on scents that most attracts you.

Try the chosen perfume by spraying it on your wrist. You must let it dry first before you smell the scent. You may spray different perfumes on your wrist; but don’t overlap it. Smell the perfume on your wrist after 1 or 2 minutes. Choose one that you love most!

If you love floral scent and casual style, very irresistible perfume can be the perfect option for you. As mentioned before, try to spray the perfume first on your wrist. You can do it on a local store. If you really love the scent, but it turns out that the price is too high for you; there’s still other way to get your dream perfume. Browse the internet and search for online store that offers your dream perfumes in discount prices. Isn’t it great?

April 25, 2011

Two Girls

Meet Aya and Ais, my nieces from different brothers. I captured them when we celebrated my father's birthday yesterday (Sunday, April 24 2011). I link this post to MYM as there's an orange juice near them, hehehe.


April 18, 2011

A Wedding Decoration

On the way to Gunung Pancar (Sentul, Bogor, Indonesia), we passed many village houses. In one of the houses, it's held a wedding ceremony. I didn't see the bride and groom sitting there.

When we passed the same road on the way back home, I still didn't see the bride and the groom. The guests were only a few left. Anyway, the decoration was so colorful. Can't you see the glaring decoration lights that ornamented the bridal chair?


April 11, 2011

8 Retailer Tricks to Avoid When Buying Diamond Rings

Everybody loves to be buying or wearing diamond rings, and at such a considerable investment, there are many things you should be aware of. There are many tricks and near scams that even 'reputable' jewellers will employ, and many of them have become so commonplace, they are to expected and many retailers believe them to be marketing tactics. Here is a look at some of those sneaky tactics some jewellers employ.

Bright White Light. This is the most common trick employed by jewellers. All their jewellery and particularly diamonds are always shown under bright white light, making them appear many more times brighter than normal. It is advised to ask if you can look at the diamond under normal conditions. At least you will not be disappointed after you purchase and wear. A small and common trick that is very misleading.

Grade Bumping. By law, diamonds are to be graded very strictly, but some jewellers may change the clarity and color grading slightly. This can mean a huge jump in price. Make sure your diamond comes with a grading certificate from a recognized and indepentent authority.

Fraction Up. On some rings, you will only see a label that says ¾, for example. You should know the exact amount in decimal points. Some retailers will say a '0.69' carat diamond ring is '¾'. If they will not give you the exact weight with a certificate from an independent and reputable valuer, then you should walk right out of the store.

Laser Drilling. Many diamonds are laser drilled to remove carbon spots and improve the shine of the diamond. You should ask your dealer if this is the case. This is something you cannot afford to ignore. Essentially you are buying something that it isn't. And again this is why you should even consider getting a second appraisal before buying an expensive diamond.

Setting. Many jewellers will hide flaws in the diamond by managing how the stone is set in the ring. Where possible, and especially if you are buying a large diamond, you want to see the diamond separately. If the diamond is already set in the ring, ask them to remove it. They should have nothing to hide. If it is an expensive diamond, the small cost of resetting the ring should not be an issue for the retailer. Just agree if it is the same standard you will be purchasing.

Inflated Prices. This is a very common trick by many retailers. Make sure you know the regular prices. If you know that the prices are normally sitting very high, you can always get a discount. Retailers will often have sales where they claim large discounts, but this is only because they have already inflated prices.

Bogus Certificate. This is something you should also be on the look-out for. Just because you see a certificate does not mean that you should not be checking up on that. This is a particularly sneaky trick to fool consumers. The certificate should contain all the information you need to research and track down those details.

As you can see from these, many 'scams' are a part of ordinary selling techniques. There are many more and much worse. Except for the 'bogus certificate', all of the above examples are very common, and are actually very misleading for consumers, although common ways to make you feel good about your purchase – until you get it home that is. Diamonds should be investments, and so take your time to get good quality stones and rings.

Funny Pose

Meet my niece, Hana, with her funny pose.


April 05, 2011

Best Place to Shop Fun Kid Items

There’s no doubt, education is very essential for your kid. Appropriate education will build good character and give broad knowledge. That’s why you should encourage your kids to love school from their early age!

What can you do to make your kids go to school with proud? You can give fun school items to them! Visit Posy Lane, you’ll amaze with their fun school items collection. Check out their kids backpacks from Mint, Stephen Joseph and more. You can make it personalize with their wide collection of fonts and embroidery thread colors. Your kid will love to wear the backpack with his/her name is embroidered beautifully on it.

Posy Lane offers backpacks in many designs and various sizes. Choose one that most suits with your kid’s age and needs. Don’t make your kid wearing a backpack that it’s too big for her/him.

For your toddler, you can select one from their Mint toddler backpacks collection that created of powerful nylon. It has large zippers; your toddler will face no hassle using it. Together with mint toddler backpacks, you can also get the matching nap mat, lunch tote, and snack square. It can become a perfect school set for your kid, right?

Have you seen their cute nap mat collection? You’ll love their Mint personalized nap mats that attached with a soft fleece blanket and a pillow. It will give comfort to your kid. Moreover, it’s easy to clean, just wash the nap mat with your washing machine.

I have good news for you. Posy Lane created and launched a new website, North Dallas Embroidery. With their professional staff, Embroidery Dallas offers you custom digitizing, embroidery and monogramming service. They accept various items from you, such as hats, tote bags, towels, t-shirts, and many other more. Visit the website to know how to apply their service!

April 04, 2011

Yellow Motorbike

A nice looking motorbike that I captured from inside the car. Can you guess the owner; between those tree men?Anyway, have a great Monday...


April 02, 2011

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Similar with finest jewelry, original branded watches can also symbolize someone’s prosperity and success. Some prosperous people don’t hesitate to buy and collect luxury branded watches; though the price of a branded watch such as Rolex, Christian Dior and Breitling can be so expensive. That’s a kind of watch that isn’t affordable for common people.

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