August 29, 2012

Some Engagement Gift Ideas

Do you have friends who just or will be getting engaged? Do you really want to give them a gift but still don’t know what the right present to choose?  In fact, you have many options, but you should know first their general tastes and preferences. Since it’s an engagement gift, you shouldn’t think them individually yet the present should suit them as a couple.

For a romantic couple, you can give romantic products as your gift -like Wedding Time Countdown Clocks.  It can be a sweet reminder for them of their wedding day.
You can choose a spa gift basket to a couple who loves spa and relaxation. Preparing a wedding ceremony can be so stressful; they will need spa products to lessen the stress!
You can give funny gifts for fun couples. Choose couple t-shirts or mugs, they will love it.

August 06, 2012

Engagement Poems

If you plan to propose your loved one in the short time, have you ever considered to write her a poem? Don't worry if you're not good at arranging words, as there are many engagement poems available for free. For your inspiration, here are two poems:

Maybe Somewhere There's a World Where One

Maybe somewhere there's a world where one
Alone might live unloved and happy still,
Dependent only on a well-wrought will
Imposing love upon a world of stone.
No such world awaits me. I am yours
As surely as sweet music needs an ear;
Wealth, a cause; or pain, a friendly tear;
Eve, the sunlit moon that sight restores.
Do this, though, for you, and not for me;
Simply for your own sake, not for mine:
Read the letters that begin each line,
In which I put my poor wish, vertically.


What I Want to Ask of You Is this

What I want to ask of you is this,
If I can find the nerve to make the leap:
Life scatters dreams across the hills of sleep,
Lest we be too easy in our bliss.
Yet I am aware what I might miss.
Only what we treasure can we keep,
Ultimately sowing what we reap,
Modeling a world upon a kiss.
And so I must reveal to you my heart,
Recalling all my courage from its rest,
Ready for whatever word might be.
You are all the object of my quest,
My cynosure, my life, my other part.
Each line of this begins my urgent plea.