October 07, 2011

About Engagement Ring Etiquette (1)

There are lots of questions around engagement ring etiquette. Here are some:

Do I Require a Ring To Propose?
An engagement ring isn’t the main part in an engagement. Some couples get engaged first and later purchase the ring together so that the girlfriend can choose her own ring.

Other couples get swept away with an unplanned marriage proposal long before a ring is bought. Waiting on a ring is also a fine idea, if a couple wants to save money for an exceptional ring but doesn't want to wait to get engaged.

Should the Man Use an Engagement Ring?
While most men wear only a wedding band, some men also want to use an engagement ring as a symbol of their approaching marriages. Engagement rings for men are vary significantly from women's, but there are many alternatives for style preferences. If the man has decided to wear an engagement ring, be prepare that conservative family members may guess it as the wedding has already happened, and the couple should be ready to clarify their preferences.

Can You Use Again a Ring?
While perfectly each engagement ring would last till death do us part, increasing divorce rates lead this issue into keen spotlight. The choice to reuse a ring is a really individual decision: she may just like the style of ring and see no need for finding another. Alternatively, one or both partners may hope to have a brand new beginning with a new ring unrelated with past relationships. This decision should be a mutual decision, and old rings can always be redesigned or somewhat retune to be renewed with no wide reformations.

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