October 08, 2011

Top 6 beach wedding tips

Getting married on the white sands of an island paradise is truly something amazing. Water lapping up against the shore while palm trees sway in the light breeze. But when you’re getting married on the beach there are a few things to consider. So once you have chosen the right wedding package from the selection of Fiji holiday packages available for couples take note of our wedding tips. They could make all the difference to how your special day turns out:

• Choosing the right spot on the beach- Choosing the right spot on the beach can make all the difference to the day’s events and the memories you take away from it. You don’t want you and your partner standing in the hot sun squinting as you say your vows, or an elderly relative to suffer from heat stroke. Make sure that you choose a spot that is part shade, part sun so that guests have a choice of where to stand or sit.

• The time of day- You also need to think about what time of day is the beach at its best. You don’t want to begin your ceremony on dry sand and finish with your feet in water. Visit the beach beforehand at different times of the day together and decide on the best time you think would be ideal to get married in that particular location.

• Booking the location or organising a permit- Many people love to get married and have special events on the beach. It is after all a beautiful place for an important occasion. To avoid arriving to someone else already setting up for another event call the local councillor speak to your wedding planner if you are having an island beach wedding and aren’t sure about booking protocol. Some places will require you to have a permit, while other beaches won’t.

• Contingency plan- Getting married on the beach has its risks. If it begins to rain, what will you do? You either need to have a high quality marquee put up on the beach for the entire bridal party and guests to comfortably fit, or a hall or function room nearby you can use if the rain is too heavy. Fingers crossed you won’t need to resort to the backup plan, but in any case it’s good to have one.

• Easy access for guests- It may be easy for you and your partner to climb down to the water’s edge but what about elderly relatives or family members with physical disabilities? Make sure that you have a path cleared for them to make it easy to access.

• The right sound equipment- Make sure that the celebrant and musicians are bringing the correct sound equipment if necessary. Wind and other sounds can make it particularly hard to hear what the celebrant is saying when getting married outdoors so making sure they have the right sound equipment is vital.

If you follow all of these tips you should ensure that your day is the very best it can be. So all you have to worry about is which of the Fiji cruises you’ll be going on afterwards for your honeymoon!

Getting married on the beach is a wonderful place to celebrate your love for one another. I hope you’ve found our tips helpful in giving you some ideas on how to ensure that your beach wedding is everything you dreamed it would be.
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