October 12, 2011

Life’s 5 Diamond Occasions

We’ve all heard it – diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and lucky for us, the saying remains true, and guides our male counterparts for the rest of our lives.

None of us can really say what it is – the sparkle, the value, perhaps just the gesture associated with receiving something so precious, durable and strong, but whatever it is, it works for us, and we want more. Over time, diamonds have become a true symbol of prestige and wealth, and in this way, the perfect gift for a female loved one to convey just how important they are, and also in a traditional sense, to show financial stability.

So what are the main occasions in life that really demand the gift of diamonds?

1. Promise
These days, as young people embark on longer and more committed relationships with each other, the giving of promise rings is becoming more and more common. A promise ring is a ring given from one partner to another that symbolises their commitment to the person and the relationship, conveying that they ‘promise’ themselves to that person, and effectively will save themselves physically for that person. While many promise rings are just precious metals, the inclusion of small diamonds is becoming more popular.

2. Engagement
Diamond engagement rings are a big trend for newly and formally committed couples. While diamonds are giving way somewhat to other precious stones, a
diamond ring is still at the top of most girls’ wish lists. Engagement rings not only symbolise unity, but are also a key bragging right for girls to show off to anyone and everyone.

3. Eternity Ring
maternity wear may be more practical, an eternity ring is commonly given to a woman by her husband or partner to mark the arrival of their first child. Generally featuring a single line of stones around the ring – diamonds are most popular – the ring symbolises continuous, never ending love. Though the tradition of an eternity ring is fast disappearing, giving way to new traditions and less tangible symbols, many still use it to convey their ongoing commitment.

4. Anniversary
Traditionally, the 60th wedding anniversary is classed as the diamond anniversary. Every year of marriage is allocated a symbol, such as paper for the first year, and the 60th is by far the most prestigious. The 60th anniversary gives you the opportunity to give the gift of beautiful set of diamond earrings, or a stunning diamond pendant hanging from a delicate and fine gold chain.

5. The milestone birthday
Fifty can be a tough year for a woman. Ok, 30 was tough, 40 was challenging – 50 can be downright unbearable. On the upside, it can also be your opportunity to get yourself another of those stunning sparkly pieces that you have collected over occasions, your wedding and anniversaries throughout the years. Use your fiftieth as an opportunity to celebrate, kick up your heels – enjoy the diamonds – and make the most of your mature years!
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diamonds rings said...

I give diamond jewelry or other accessory to my girlfriend at every special occasion. It brings a great smile on her face and on mine too.

Unknown said...

I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people
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Diamond Engagement Ring said...

An engagement ring is a symbol of emotions such as love, commitment, eternity, honor, loyalty and promise. Diamond engagement rings represent the circle of life, an unbroken circle and the diamond accents the ring showing the importance of this bond.

Mharms said...

I love rings, especially diamond rings :) I am fascinated with them.


Rochel Faltus said...

There's something about diamond rings that make them so special. As the saying goes, "Diamonds are a woman's best friend". Disregarding the fact that they're very expensive, they're traditionally considered as a symbol of pure love and dedication. =)