June 18, 2010

Silver Celtic Engagement Rings

I’ve made a post about silver engagement rings; this time will focus on silver rings in Celtic design. Celtic jewelry is increasingly popular as couples want unique engagement rings to symbolize their unions, and silver Celtic engagement rings are a versatile option to find unusual jewelry on a budget.

Silver is a lustrous metal, but in addition to being attractive, it is extremely flexible for Celtic rings. Silver is more soft than other precious metals, meaning it can more easily be shaped and woven into intricate knot patterns. Unlike more rigid metals, silver can even be
fashioned into a real knot, with strands of metal actually tying about one another. That usefulness can create a stunning engagement ring, but silver is actually a wise choice for other reasons.

If the ring will include gemstones – emeralds and diamonds are most popular choices – silver helps the beauty of the gem stand out. Overall, the classic white of silver is less showy than gold, particularly for elaborate Celtic knot designs. Finally, a silver ring is more affordable, giving couples more freedom in finding just the design they want without compromising because of the engagement ring cost.

Silver Celtic engagement rings are beautiful and meaningful as well as budget-conscious. A gorgeous alternative to more common rings, silver rings are easily just as romantic and can become as treasured as any thoughtfully given and accepted engagement ring.
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