July 01, 2010

How to Choose Precious Metals for Your Engagement Rings

When talking about an engagement ring, it’s not only about a pretty gem, but also the precious metal that holds that gem in place. You should know the benefits and attributes of different metals. It will help you to choose the perfect metal to complement the diamonds or gemstones in an engagement ring.
A metal is termed "precious" because it is rarer than commonplace metals and alloys such as steel, tin, or aluminum. There are several different precious metals frequently used in engagement rings, including: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten and silver.

Some rings are even combinations of different metals, such as multi-tone rings or specialized mokume gane rings. Each type of metal has its own unique properties, including different levels of strength, durability, resiliency, and tension. By choosing a metal that not only has the most desirable properties but one that is also beautiful, couples protect both the style and construction of the engagement ring.

Each metal offers different characteristics for engagement rings. When choosing a precious metal for the engagement ring, you should consider many factors, such as:
Will this metal be secure enough for the stone and setting?
Will the metal discolor the diamond or gemstone?
Is the metal within our budget?
Is the karat value suitable for our preferences and budget?

Regardless of which precious metal a couple chooses, it will set the stage for the gems of the engagement ring. By choosing a distinctive metal with suitable properties to highlight and secure the gems, the couple ensures that their ring will be both enduring and beautiful.
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Aby Umy said...

wew, dapat pertamax..
met berakhir pekan sahabat

Aby Umy said...

berkunjung lagi ni
sambil liat2 cincin yang indah ini

Platinum Rings said...

Useful suggestions for choosing a right metal for the engagement ring. I also think it is wise to consider the types of metals that she prefers, as well as the styles.

vintage style jewelry said...

Yes its very important to choose a proper metal for the ring because that makes the entire look of the ring. I like to prefer silver metal with diamond.

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