November 03, 2011

Wearing Jewelry Tips

Ladies, if you want to wear some ‘crazy’ jewelry, you should always remember to choose a plain and boring shirt. No need to wear lots of jewelry if you wear a shirt that has much on with it, such as a floral design, full printing, or something like that.

Let’s say that you put on a really busy shirt, then you should wear less jewelry. You can wear earrings in your ears, a small charm necklace, and simple bracelets. No need to use anything huge as it will only distract people’s attention away from your beautiful shirt. Moreover, you’ll look nasty and unattractive.

If you want to wear big and busy jewelry items, you should only wear a very simple shirt. Your jewelry will be so noticeable and everyone will watch your jewelry!

The similar thing happens when you’re wearing a dress or a skirt. The busier your dress or skirt, the less detailed jewelry you crave to put on.

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A Mom said...

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Steven Jones said...

Off course, this is absolutely true. The noticeable factor should be there when you wear heavy jewels . The shirt or skirt whatever you wear should be simple. I love the trick. Thanks lot!!

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