December 01, 2011

Fun and Safe Paintball Games

When it comes to look for fun in sport, everyone has their own way. Some people are the big fans of virtual games and some other people choose to play actively in the real games. In the past few years, extreme sports like paintball guns are becoming popular since there are always some people who like to try new workout that pumps their adrenalins.

Are you interested to try this paintball game? If it’s your first time, the most important thing that you should consider is safety, safety, and safety. Like other sport; there’s an injury risk that you may get if you don’t follow the basic safety rules in paintball games.

You should purchase and wear the whole safety equipment such as head gear and barrel sleeve. During the game, don’t ever remove your mask and sly profit goggle system, until barrel plugs have been put back on every loaded gun. Removing mask at an improper time is the main cause of the majority severe paintball wounds.

You can only play paintball if you’re in a healthy and totally rational condition. Cancel your plan to play if you’ve just taken prescription medicine, illegal drugs, or alcohol.

You aren’t allowed to fire blindly. Before firing, make sure that you see clearly what you are firing at. It will avoid any unintentionally shooting to other player, referees, or other thing that shouldn’t become your target. Since close range shots are more painful; it would be better if you avoid shooting opposing players within 20 feet.

You must maintain and monitor your paintball gun speed to always be under 280 feet per second (FPS). Since a paintball with the speed more than 280 FPS can cause more severe wounds such as broken skin and severe swelling; monitoring your paintball gun velocity is a must!

When the masks and sly profit goggles are removed, every paintball gun must be locked with a barrel plug. As any accidentally paintball shoot still may occur, ensure that your body is always protected. Until the game is ended, wearing masks and goggles can really protect you from severe injuries. Always use your common sense and think rationally; think before you make any shoot!

Behind all safety equipments, it’s recommended to wear heavy clothes like sweat shirts and sweat pants. Don’t forget to bring other clothes for changing. Kid and teenager players should wear added protection like chest and back protector; as it will guarantee their safety and comfort. If you plan to be a long time paintball players, think to purchase proper paintball pants, jerseys, and gloves. Have a fun and safe paintball playing, guys!
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