March 30, 2012

Pyrite Jewelry

Pyrite is a certainly golden colored mineral that includes a combination of iron and sulfur. Pyrite can be found around the world, and the sulfur it contains was in olden times dig upped for a range of industrial processes. The stone sometimes contains trace amounts of gold, but not generally sufficient to make it precious. Pyrite is also occasionally applied in jewelry, under the label of marcasite. The source of the name for the stone is Greek; pyrite indicates “fire stone”. It is an indication to its prehistoric utilizes to initiate fires by striking it against another rock to make sparks.

Pyrite has a metallic gloss and an outstanding crystalline composition. Some pyrites come in other forms, such as rounds, but the most ordinary shape looks a lot like a cluttered pile of crystals with thin lines or striations along their faces. Pyrite is very fragile and shatters easily along the joins of the crystals. Dissimilar with gold, pyrite is not practicable.

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