September 12, 2012

Still Hard to Choose the Right Engagement Ring Suits You Most?

If you face the similar difficulty, you can take any quiz in the internet to help you discovering which type of engagement ring that suits your unique personality and style. There are lots of different designs and cuts to choose, you’ll need help to avoid any buying confusion.

Below I mention the example of helpful quiz. Visit the link to calculate your answers and to find out the result. Hope it will help much!

1.   What adjectives describe your personality best?

Quirky and care-free
Edgy and outgoing
Hip and sultry
Smart and sophisticated

2.   How would you describe your clothing style?

Funky and sexy
Rock chick
Stylish classics

3.   Which of these celebrities resembles you most in style and attitude?

Sarah Jessica Parker; Michelle Obama
Pixie Geldof; Zoey Deschanels
Megan Fox; Christina Aguilera
Helena Bonham Carter; Christina Ricci

4.   Whose tunes are playing in your car?

Lily Allen
Celine Dion

5.   Which city would be your ideal romantic getaway?

Rio de Janeiro
New York

6.   Which one of these is your dream car?

BMW Concept 5
Vintage Astin Martin
Chevrolet Corvette
Jaguar XKR
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