January 09, 2010

Diamond Alternatives for Your Engagement Rings

Diamond is beautiful and also full of meanings, but it can be so expensive. You should not think that engagement rings must always contain diamond. No need to strict to tradition, you can pick something else than a diamond engagement ring.

If you can’t afford to buy a diamond, this post will help you…

You might have a plan to buy a diamond imitation such as CZ or synthetic moissanite, but I think it’s better if you cancel it. There are many other romantic and affordable alternatives, which are better than diamond imitation.

The most important thing about an engagement ring is its symbolism. The engagement ring itself symbolizes how beautiful and precious your love as a couple is. It doesn't have to be costly, and it doesn't have to be a diamond ring.

There are many colored natural and beautiful gemstones that have historical associations to love. I’ll mention here various gemstones for your guidance:

Red stones symbolize the heart, passion and a zest for life. With red, you will instantly thinks of ruby, but the same symbolism can be conveyed very inexpensively with red garnet. With a little larger budget, you can choose red tourmaline, or red spinel.

Green stones symbolize faithfulness and continuity. The choices : emerald, green garnet or green tourmaline.

Blue stones symbolizes spirituality and purity. The choices: sapphire, blue spinel, iolite, and blue tourmaline.

You might also combine whatever stone you choose with a small diamond on each side, it will complete the ring with the symbolism of diamond.

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