January 05, 2010

Engagement Rings Shopping Guidance

Dear couples, have you already planned to buy an engagement ring to your loved one? Whether you want to buy it alone or not, here is the guidance about some styles of engagement rings:

The most popular style is the classic solitaires. But for many couples nowadays, it is already too common. You may want something unique for your engagement rings. There are some alternative unique designs such as : vintage design, an uncommon diamond cut, a sapphire or emerald setting, or a colored diamond.

When you think about an engagement ring, you might imagine a huge, sparkling, round solitaire. These traditional prong setting rings are always the bestsellers at every jewelry store across the country. If you decide to settle for the traditional style, you can add some variation with side stones. Typically these are diamonds, but you can also get colored gems like emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. As the name states, side stones lay to either side of the main, center stone and are usually much smaller and come in assorted shapes, like half-moons, slim baguettes, shields, and trapezoids.

For another variation, you can choose three-stone rings. Large center stones are accentuated by smaller stones of the same shape on either side.

Even conventional jewelers continue to update their selections with fresh shapes of gemstone cuts based on the classic styles. Tiffany's, recently introduced the Lucida cut, a square-shaped stone set available in a wide gold or platinum band. Another example is the Asscher family who has introduced a new twist on its' signature style, an octagonal step-cut from 1902. This new version is called the Royal Asscher and is more sparkling than the old one.

Vintage rings such as Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, or Deco can now be easily found online. You can also find exquisite reproductions of these styles there.

There are also many modern designs that double as engagement rings for couples with moderate or exotic aesthetics. One very popular contemporary design is a bezel-set ring where a diamond is surrounded by metal rather than being elevated up in a prong setting. Another popular design is the two-tone platinum and yellow gold rings with a sprinkle of diamonds.

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imelda said...

i would love to own a high carat diamond ring. but i dnt have money right now yet

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Really beautiful ring