June 15, 2011

How to be a Socially Responsible Business

People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of dealing with ethical businesses that are socially responsible. So how do you make your business more socially responsible and how do you let your customers know about it? Here, we’ve listed the top tips no business owner should miss. From trading plastic bags for green bags to buying charity Christmas cards, we’ve got a great list of ideas:

Ideas to implement
Here are a few ideas for making your business more socially responsible:
· Ditch the plastic bags- Get rid of all plastic bags used in your stores and promote the use of green bags to all of your customers.
· Have you and your staff give to the community- Encourage staff to spend one or two days every year volunteering their time to a good cause. Or perhaps you like the idea of the whole business shutting shop for one day so that you can all pitch in to help a worthy cause together? Whatever you decide, getting involved with the community is one way to begin transforming your business into a more socially responsible enterprise.
· Find out more about the people that your business is affiliated with- It’s no good if your business is becoming more socially responsible yet the companies you affiliate with are not. Get to know your suppliers and make sure you are working with businesses that are aligned with your same values.
· Get your workplace in order- Change things around your workplace. This can be everything from providing fair trade coffee in the kitchen to instigating a recycling program in your place of business.
· Lead by example- If you don’t act the way you want your business to be portrayed by others, it simply won’t work. Leading by example is the best way to get all of your staff on board with your new ideas for transforming your company into a socially responsible business.
· It’s the little things- From buying charity
Christmas cards that donate a portion of the cost to a charity you nominate, to the types of corporate gifts you give clients throughout the year; it’s also the little things that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Let the important people know
Your clients are the most important people you want to know about the changes you are making to your business practices. But how do you tell them without sounding like you are blowing your own horn? Here are our top tips:
• Have one section of your e-newsletter or client publications dedicated to letting your customers know about what you are doing to give back as a socially responsible business.
• Start blogging about your activities on your company blog about what you and your teams at work are working towards.

Being a socially responsible business is not only helpful in building a good reputation, but it means that you can have a clear conscience knowing that your business activities have a positive impact on the world.
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