June 27, 2011

Under a Plastic Bag

They are cousins and so close each other. Don’t worry; they played with the plastic bag just for a while. Their mothers were afraid they can’t breathe well inside.
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shengy said...

when i looked at the picture..it really scares me..good thing that mother is around

watadid said...

it shows

reyah said...

good things that you mention that the mother took it off immediately. But still a cute photo.

imriz said...

sometimes kids played the most scariest stuffs, that's why adults must always be around.
looked they're enjoying their mini play:)

Dhemz said...

hehehe...that is too cute!

Dinah said...

hay naku, ayoko nyan! am scared ;-) but am sure the kids had fun. mga mommy lang ang takot, he he.