November 02, 2012

Relaxation is Bliss

Relaxation is the best medicine to physical and mental health.  In order to relax, you need to get rid of all forms of tensions.  Any small thing that is disturbing you can cause stress.  The thought of being stressed itself adds to stress.  Job, home, kids, family and friends always need your attention.  Many a time you find your self hard pressed for time to meet all your social commitments.  Out of all your commitments take out some precious time for your self.  It will help you rejuvenate your mind and body. 

Stress is not associated with any particular strata of society.  It is common to every person.  Peer pressure to perform, family commitments, kids and other many issues can cause stress.  What is the point of time management if you do not have a minute for yourself?  It is time to press the panic button in this scenario.  There is nothing more important than a healthy mind and body.  Only this will ensure the best out off whatever you are doing. 

Three are a number of ways to relax.  The one to tope the list everywhere is meditation.  The other options would be yoga, sports or anything that is close to your heart, like embroidering, knitting, etc. If nothing else, just concentrate for a few minutes on your breathing.   In short, do any activity that is repetitive and takes your mind away from all those things that you do for the sake of doing.  By taking out time for yourself, you stay relaxed. 

Relaxation is a much-needed therapy.  Stress is biggest killer in our times.  Most of the life threatening diseases and life style diseases are related to stress.  Take your mind off all things that are the reason for stress.  Distract your mind by just not thinking about anything.  Forget all the stressful thoughts and instead focus on other mundane activities taking place around you.  This is also a form of relaxation.  Follow a routine life through the day, to sort out all the jobs in hand and take out precious few minutes for your self to recoup and rejuvenate.  Your mind and body need to stay relaxed to bring the best out off you. 
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