July 13, 2011

Five Things You Need to Have For a Home Wedding

Having a wedding at home is a great idea and works well if you have a limited budget, if you are only have a small number of guests or if you are getting married quickly. If you don't have to hire a venue you can cut down on waiting time as often reception centres are booked out over a year in advance. A wedding at home does take some preparation, however, but you can manage it fairly quickly if you have to.


The first thing you should do to set up your garden is to have shade for your guests, just in case it is a really hot day, or if it happens to rain. If you have
verandas around your home then you have the perfect set up and can use this area for your bar or have any food laid out under cover. A retractable awning can be installed so that you can provide an area under which to set up tables. If you have a pergola in your garden you could incorporate this space, perhaps even get married underneath it.


You may choose to have family and friends organise the food for you, but to give everyone the chance to relax and enjoy themselves you are better off hiring a caterer. If you have a limited budget you might want to think about having your reception at lunch time or have finger food in the afternoon instead. A spit roast can be a cheaper alternative, and with baked potatoes and salads can have quite a homely feel.


You will need to sort out where everyone is going to park. If you have enough room on your street then do the right thing and inform your neighbours beforehand that you will be holding a wedding and there will be a lot of cars parked outside that day. If your street is too narrow or you live in a court it might be a good idea to provide instructions on the invitations as to where the best place to park is and have guests walk a short distance to your home.


You do not want to be managing details and organising everybody on the day of your wedding. Make sure that you have delegated someone to be in charge of the day to make sure everything runs smoothly. A trusted friend is probably a better idea than leaving it up to your parents. As the mother and father of either the bride and groom it is better if they are left just to enjoy themselves. Go through the details a few weeks before and have this person do things like organising the guests before the service starts, cueing the music and making sure the bride and attendants are lined up in order to make their entrance. This person could also pay the photographer for you and handle any other details.


Don't forget to dress up your back garden. If your garden is looking a little bare you can buy additional flowering plants to put in or alternatively you could hire potted plants for the day. As well as your bouquet your florist can do flower arrangements for the tables as well as for the garden. If your reception goes on into the evening fairy lights look magical draped through trees, and soft outdoor lighting creates the perfect mood. Lights in amongst the garden and lamps are better than strong fluorescent bulbs.
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