July 28, 2011

Getting Married in Sydney—Planning Tips

Australia’s Harbour City has always been a popular choice for couples planning their nuptials. With the glorious natural setting, the range of quality restaurants and venues and the popularity of harbourside and beach weddings, it’s little wonder the wedding industry in Sydney is thriving. Popular as Sydney weddings are, they can also be complex to plan, and the range of choices in everything from Sydney wedding cake designers to Sydney limo hire companies can prove more paralyzing than enabling! If you’re planning to get married in Sydney, we’ve put together a list of helpful hints to make sure your special day runs smoothly.

Consider a Weekday

Because so many brides and grooms-to-be favour Sydney, finding the right date at the right venue can be a real challenge. Often couples discover that the venue they had their hearts set on is booked up every Saturday for the next few years, which can be incredibly disheartening. A growing trend with Sydney couples is to get married during the week, instead of on the weekend. Most venues will offer a greatly reduced rate for weddings held during the week, and what’s more you’re much more likely to be able to secure the date you want at the venue you want! Some brides worry about guests being able to attend on a weekday, but with plenty of advanced notice, not many people will have trouble taking a sick-day to come to your beautiful wedding!

Shop Around For Photographers!

Sydney wedding photographers range in price. A lot. It’s possible for a good photographer in Sydney to charge up to ten thousand dollars to provide wedding photography, while his or her equally talented peer might only charge two thousand. Like real-estate, photographers in the city tend to charge through the nose because they know they can, so an excellent alternative is to look outside the city. There are thousands of talented wedding photographers all over the country, almost all of whom are only too happy to travel for work. A return domestic flight and a night’s accommodation on top of a reasonable fee won’t set you back half as much as some of the most expensive Sydney photographers, so why not shop around and save the extra cash for your honeymoon?

There are plenty of
Sydney wedding cars to choose from, and plenty of companies offering hire services, but a good rule of thumb is to book in your wedding transport sooner rather than later. Some brides find waiting until the last minute causes them to miss out on the car they wanted because of an unforeseen event in Sydney requiring a lot of luxury cars, or an unusually high number of weddings on the date they wanted. Book in advance to avoid disappointment!

A Sydney wedding can be everything you want it to be—classy, modern, elegant and romantic—and with a bit of extra planning, the organisation doesn’t have to be a headache, either!
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