July 04, 2011

Serabi Durian

Serabi looks like pancakes. Have your ever tasted durian fruit? Last Saturday night, I and my husband tried serabi durian for the first time, mine is serabi durian banana (they looked similar). I guessed before it would taste too sweet. But it isn’t, I like it. Not too sweet and it has no strong durian smell anymore. The cafĂ© offers serabi in many various options.
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Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Looks tasty!


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Then scarlet will go to your head;
But if it is gold
You’d rather behold,
Then plant yellow roses instead.

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Callejon (Alley)

chubskulit said...


Melow Yellow at my page,have a great week ahead!

LivingShed said...

i love durian..

shengy said...


Dhemz said...

I miss durian fruit...haven't seen that kind of fruit here in the US...it's very popular in the Philippines.

winterspring said...

I love Durian. Can you share the recipe?

Love Kpop said...

I like to get up early to go out and breathe fresh air. I feel that it is good for health and a good habit